Certain parties leasing city hall failed to pay rent: LGA

The Local Government Authority (LGA) has revealed that certain parties who have leased Male’ City Hall from the local municipal council had failed to pay the required amounts of rent.

A report compiled by the LGA, which was commissioned to probe difficulties faced by Male’ Cty Council (MCC) in fulfilling its mandate, showed that the decision to rent out city hall in order to generate revenue for the council had not been regulated.

Under the agreement to rent out the city hall, MCC members had decided to charge MVR 1,500 per day as rent.

LGA also alleged that the city hall’s availability for leasing had not been made public, which according to the authority violates the equality clause in Article 17 of the constitution.

Local media reported that MCC had been advised to recover the funds and establish a system to document the transactions of the council.


One thought on “Certain parties leasing city hall failed to pay rent: LGA”

  1. MCC only rent its hall to MDP and Nasheed . the party is Nasheed and MDP.

    MCC thinks that it belong to them and they have the right to do what ever they feel with the assets.

    Even Usfasgadu was given FOC to MDP ? why right they have to give those lands to MDP for over 10 months free of charge ?


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