LGA blamed for hindering City Council’s mandate

The Local Government Authority (LGA) has been blamed by Male’ City Council for failing to cooperate with the council in providing services to the people.

In a statement made by the council, it alleged that legally obligated plans are currently pending due to LGA failing to heed requests for technical expertise for the work of the City Council.

The Council also highlighted that LGA had failed to provide information and extend cooperation needed to draft plans for the development of the capital Male.

“Male City Council has failed to provide the services to the people as the resources and funds needed haven’t been received from the relevant authorities.

“In addition, each and every responsibility being looked at in an investigative manner by LGA and relevant State institutions is unnecessary,” a City Council statement said.

The statement alleged that following the regime change on February 7, political influence has found its way into the new LGA board, creating a major obstacle to the council’s mandate.

The LGA have also been accused by City Council of launching investigations into every request made for the assistance of the authority.

The decentralisation system could collapse if the LGA failed to extend cooperation and assistance to the councils, City Council warns.