Civil Court reinstates Villimalé Safe Beach Project

The Civil Court has ordered Malé City Council to reinstate a beach-cleaning contract made with Save the Beach.

The council terminated the contract on September 23, 2013 on the Anti Corruption Commission’s (ACC) recommendations. The ACC claims undue advantages were conferred in awarding the contract to Save the Beach.

The commission has also asked the Prosecutor General to press corruption charges against two former Malé City Councilors and three council staff who were involved in vetting applications for the project.

However, the Civil Court today ruled the ACC does not have the power to order a contract be terminated as per a previous Supreme Court ruling.

Under the Vilimalé Safe Beach Project, Save the Beach won a contract to keep the Vilimalé beach area, jetty, and lagoon clean in exchange for two beachfront plots of land to establish businesses to sustain the project.