Electric buggies to be introduced in Villimalé

Electric buggies will be introduced in the island of Villingili – often referred to as Villimalé, offering local residents cheap taxi services around the 0.25km sq island.

Local news outlet CNM reports that the new service will begin tomorrow (February 23), with ten buggies being introduced in the quiet suburb of the busy capital Malé .

Under former dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, motorized vehicles were largely banned in Villingilli which, despite the presence of a few vehicles today, retains its relaxed atmosphere.

“We have permission to operate around 10 buggies. We will increase based on demand. We do not believe that unnecessarily increasing the number of vehicles here is a good idea,” Mohamed Visham told CNM.

Visham is managing director at 99 Holding – the organisation said to be behind the scheme. CNM reported that buggy rides will cost MVR5.