Criminal Court acquits six men charged with gang rape of 14 year-old girl

The Criminal Court has acquitted six men charged with the gang rape of a minor, on the grounds that the prosecution was unable to offer sufficient evidence to prove they were guilty.

Abdulla Nazeef of Fuvamulah, Mohamed Shifau of Villimale’, Azim Ali from Dhigurah in Alif Dhaalu, Hoodh Mohamed of Male’ special registry, Inash Abdulla of Gaafu Dhaalu Vaadhoo and Ali Ashraf of Maafannu Athuma were charged with the sexual abuse of a minor by a group.

The Prosecutor General’s Office pressed charges against the six suspects on allegations that on June 5, 2010, they abducted a 14 year-old girl, took her to an abandoned area near the Villimale’ antennae area, and raped the victim.

The Criminal Court stated in its verdict that the state had charged the six men under the Special Provisions for Perpetrators of Child Sex Abuse Act of 2009 but had not produced enough evidence as required by the law to declare a person guilty.

According to local media, the court’s verdict stated that the suspects were acquitted as the state had not presented the required number of witnesses to the incident.

The verdict also stated that all the defendants had denied the charges.

According to local media, two of the accused – Abdulla Nazeef and Mohamed Shifau – are among the suspects charged with the murder of Ahmed Mirza Ibrahim.

In April 2011, Mirza Ibrahim was struck in the head with an iron bar while he was sitting inside a park in Villingili, the ward of Male’ where he lived.

Mirza suffered severe head injuries in the attack and was rushed to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), where he was placed on life support but later declared brain-dead.


20 thoughts on “Criminal Court acquits six men charged with gang rape of 14 year-old girl”

  1. Were the rapists of the minor acquitted because there weren't four independent Muslim witnesses to the act in accordance with your regressive sharia laws?
    Someone needs to tell your mad mullahs that this is now the twenty first century.

  2. @missindia

    Uhm.. so your country's sexual assault epidemic is also caused by mad mullah's right?

  3. Hindustanis don't rely on 8 male Muslim eyeballs to witness the lock-key mechanism to prove a rape. That is for Dhivehistanis. Lovely rule for mullah rapists.

  4. Again homo and a few deranged kuffar using various aliases spew their hate towards Islam. Minivann should not allow such comments and they should stop reporting on cases such as this.

    Of course, the kuffar pretend to be so concerned by the rape victims that they don't stop to think about how reporting on such cases will harm our tourism industry. See how hate filled our kuffar are! They have no concern for our economy whatsoever.

  5. so the rapist, murder suspects evaded the useless criminal court again.i wonder if this criminal court job is to acquit the criminals. so now,who should be punished by raping the 14 year old girl?

  6. Now that the rapists have been acquitted by your sharia courts.....When will the poor child be flogged for the crime of zina?
    I find it incredible that we civilised, democratic and secular.....have so many primitive neighbours.
    Spare me the tedious details of your developmental indices as compared to doesn't impress me at all.

  7. As I have understood DNA-testing is allowed for crimes in the Maldives - except for rape and fornication.
    As the present president was formerly with UNICEF it would be enlightening if he would explain why.

  8. Human being, Please clarify for me. You don't want Minivan to report any rape cases because it'll scare away the tourists.

    You are clearly insane.

  9. @human being

    your precious tourism industry is haram. why should infidel journalists care about your tourism industry when you don't care about protecting basic human rights for your own women and children? just shut up and keep selling pork and alcohol to fornicating (unmarried) infidels to keep this beautiful country's economy "strong"

  10. @Yo on Sun, 23rd Jun 2013 7:30 PM

    "Human being, Please clarify for me. You don’t want Minivan to report any rape cases because it’ll scare away the tourists."

    Yes, his medieval mind sees no evil, hears no evil. It's a bit like the Taliban of Afghanistan. Whilst they carried out heinous atrocities in the name of Islam, they did a roaring trade selling opium and its derivative drugs. That's the mind of the medieval Muslim. Go figure.

  11. hey ppl. Cool down. Its the fake human being who commented above.
    though i agree with my impersonator not to publicize crime, its not me who commented above.
    anyways i do enjoy some publicity 🙂

  12. Dear Minivan,

    I wish you had been clearer on what evidence WAS presented. Your article implies that SOME witnesses were there, but that the number was not enough. Was the number insufficient because the judge saw this as a case of zina and wanted four male witnesses? If that was the case, you should have stated that.

    If that was indeed the case, it is a misapplication of sharia law, and looks like our judges have learned nothing from Pakistan's Zina Ordinances which victimized rape victims, and therefore was subsequently changed. It is clearly wrong and disgusting to regard a rape allegation as equivalent to a zina allegation! Our courts must stop applying Taliban jurisprudence and call it sharia!

    If the judges regarded the allegation of rape as equivalent to a zina allegation, they would now proceed to flog the poor victim on the grounds of qazf!

    So the poor child gets raped by 6 males thugs and then flogged 80 times by the judiciary for qazf, and possibly a 100 more lashes for "confessing" to have had "sex" outside marriage?

    Is there no sense in our judiciary any more?

    Extremely offended!

  13. Minivan, when are you going to enforce people to log in to post comments.

    This is ridiculous with people impersonating others.

  14. ha ha ha! Is very funny! Criminal cort is protecting rapist! Encore !! You dim-witted asses!

  15. Hey! This is a case of R A P E!
    Not a zina for 4 adult males with their 8 naked eyes to witness and tell the colour, length, size etc., etc., that destroyed this child and her life!

    A proper Islamic Judge would not need any guidance except that from Allah to prove this girl was abducted without her will, victimized and gang raped!

    Hypocrisy of its worst kind can only include all this!

  16. The real issue is these semi literate judges still believe that they are chosen by Allah to implement his laws. You can never straighten these illiterates, they firmly believe Sharia is something downed from the sky by a god called Allah. This is general conscience in Muslims and the problem is not only in those uneducated judges, those child abuser even don’t think that they are doing anything wrong and even in public’s eye these child abuse activities are simply normal. In Sharia, the girls as young as 8 years are considered as matured female so long they have started menstruation. There is no way out from this barbaric culture as long as they believe Quran and Sharia is a divine thing. There is no voice in Maldives to disband Sharia , the root cause of all barbarism is sharia law.

  17. "Is there no sense in our judiciary any more?"

    @Ahmed Shaheed on Sun, 23rd Jun 2013 8:54 PM!

    No! I do not think so!
    Common sense in judgement is being dumped!
    When bits and pieces are taken off the thrash can, they can do more harm than good!

  18. You missed your chance. You had a president that challenged your twisted judges and you turned against him. He was the only man to stand up for your rights to be treated equally and won an election on those values and then you ousted him from power.

    I'm not saying he was altogether good, but he made a start to turn things around, but since Feb 12 the country has gone backwards and risks further decline unless you remove religion from politics and law.

    It is no justice to the girl or her family, but for the rest of the men's lives they will be fearing the day they die and face whatever beholds them in the afterlife. The punishment on earth would have been shorter than the eternity of torment the will endure in hell.

  19. And this is why Nasheed wanted to reform the judiciary. But did the PPM thugs and mullahs want that? No!.

    Next time, Anni should order the direct extermination of those swine that legalize the rape of Maldivian children.

    And if it is against 'islamic law' and 'constitution'?

    Burn them both. Burn the ulema and the constitution. Burn them until they submit and surrender, then behead them.

  20. Haha! Rapists are let go because Allah requires 4 male witnesses to be present at the time of rape. I'm not sure why muslims go around screaming about how perfect their shariah law is. Do you see why I call them neanderthals?

    Also, human being. You want minivan to stop reporting on crimes just so that the white folks would keep on coming? Spoken like a true muslim.


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