Construction stalls on new Arabiyya School building

The Education Ministry has cancelled a Rf29 million (US$1.8 million) contract with Mala Horizon for construction of the new Arabiya School building in Male’.

The private construction company had ceased work on the site claiming financial losses resulting from the government’s decision to float the exchange rate.

Deputy Minister Dr Ahmed Nazeer told local media this week that the government could not accept the changes to the contract proposed by Mala Horizons, which would have involved compensating the company for losses incurred for importing material.

The government has now opened a second bidding process and invited interested parties to apply for the project.

Dr Nazeer meanwhile said today that the education ministry hoped construction of the school could be complete by the middle of next year’s first term.

The old Arabiyya School was shut down by the ministry in March, 2010 after cracks in the building caused a wall to collapse.


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