Ten flats awarded in first phase of Veshi Fahi Male’ housing project

President Mohamed Nasheed presented documents of guarantee yesterday to ten recipients of flats in Hulhumale’ under the first phase of the “Veshi Fahi” Male’ de-congestion programme.

The documents were presented at a ceremony to open the new “Veshi Fahi” Male’ office to applicants under category A of the programme in exchange for small plots in the capital.

Speaking at the ceremony, Male’ City Councillor “Sarangu” Adam Manik, director of the Veshi Fahi programme, explained that the project was launched on November 10, 2010 to ease congestion in the capital and develop the Greater Male’ Region, composed of Hulhumale’, Vili-Male’, Thilafushi industrial island and Gulhifalhu.

“During the 30 years of the previous government, 682 plots [were awarded] in Male’ and Viligili and 1,060 flats were built in Male’ and Hulhumale’,” he said. “In the 30 months of the MDP [Maldivian Democratic Party] government, 500 plots were chosen from Hulhumale’ and the practical work of awarding 250 of those flat has begun today.”

Construction has meanwhile begun on 1,566 flats, Manik continued, including 1,000 housing units and 178 ‘Coral Ville’ flats in Hulhumale’ as well as 198 flats in Gaakoshi, 50 flats in Odeon and 90 flats in the old Arabiyya School site.

“For all these flats, construction is currently underway,” he said, inviting skeptics to “see for yourself.”

Veshi Fahi Male' de-congestion programmeIn his remarks at the ceremony, President Nasheed explained that Category A involves clearing small plots in Male’ “for planting trees or [to use] as a parking area or to clear the space for playing chess, cards or putting up a basket hoop or a dart board or to keep a rubbish bin.”

Nasheed observed that “like most new ideas we proposed” not many people supported the programme or believed it could be successful.

As concentration of one-third of the country’s population in Male’ has given rise to severe congestion and a host of social problems, Nasheed said that it was “absolutely necessary to find some way for the people of Male’.”

Approximately 125,000 people are believed to reside in about 16,000 households in Male’; the total number of households in the Maldives is estimated to be 46,000.

“That is a very small number considering the number of people who live in Male’,” he said. “Therefore we need to build more houses. We believe that the household is the main engine of development.”

Providing affordable housing was one of five key campaign pledges in the ruling party’s manifesto.

Nasheed meanwhile said that residents of Male’ who had mistakenly applied under Category A although they did not possess small plots for exchange would be carried over to the second category when applications are processed.

He added that winners of the 250 plots in Hulhumale’ designated for Category A applicants would also receive a housing loan from the Housing Development Corporation.

President Nasheed said that he expected construction of 500 flats in Male’ to completed within a year.

The government was presently conducting assessments and feasibility studies to connect the islands of Thilafushi, Gulhifalhu, Vilimale’, Male’ and Hulhumale’, Nasheed revealed.

“As you know, in a multi-party political system, there will be people who will try to argue the other side and show that it cannot be done,” he said.

“That is the way it should be. That is how we can build a good democracy. However [for the opposition to] muddle laws and attempt inside the People’s Majlis to obstruct these projects would be regrettable. I hope the people of the Maldives, and especially the people of Male’, will encourage their MPs to help us do this.”

Using a phrase coined by the opposition to mock his repeated pledges to build flats, Nasheed concluded his remarks by saying, “I am flat Dhonbe (elder brother).”


22 thoughts on “Ten flats awarded in first phase of Veshi Fahi Male’ housing project”

  1. Why should parking even be an option??? We NEED more parks!

  2. We need some shelter, all con talks. We will never see these flats and bridges. May be I will die having no proper bed to sleep.
    What happened to Gaafaru wind farm?

  3. Indeed President Nasheed has truly achieved a lot.

    10 flats in 3 years - we should all be jumping for joy.

    Meanwhile, Kandige and Kolige opens new resorts and Laamu has been auctioned off to India. Healthcare suffers under haphazard mismanagement, the youth are dumbed-down with IGCSE certificates, drugs are almost institutionalized and nothing material has been done under this administration. Phantom projects disappearing into thin air is the least of our worries.

  4. Does one have to join the DRP to be opposed to an administration that fails to deliver?

    If the DRP wishes to be a viable alternative then it needs to convince the public before the next election.

    What I know is that I am definitely not voting for these charlatans that head the MDP now. The MDP still has hope if it can reform itself from within and get rid of excess baggage (although that excess baggage comprises most of its financiers and their family).

  5. Duds are there in DRP! How about forming Maldives COMMUNIST party than at least we all can be comrades.

  6. The sudden allocation of these flats makes me question whether these were planned flats in Hulhumale or an ad hoc decision by the Special Envoy for Infrastructure Development, Mr. Adam Maniku.

    We should not be surprised to learn in the future that the allocated plots were taken out from areas marked for public and common use such as parks, football fields and thereby ruining the whole land use plan of Hulhumale.

    I wonder by taking very small plots of 300 or so sq ft in Male would provide any relief as many of these small plots by itself can not be used for the kind of purposes they intend.

    HDC should have some say when allocating these plots in Hulhumale or is this also in their plan. They have been routinely bringing out land for auctioning and sale and believe has been going reasonably well. This sudden announcement makes me to question that this is not in line with Hulhumale land use plan.

  7. @ tsk tsk

    the youth are dumbed-down with IGCSE certificates

    funny statement bt true...

  8. “During the 30 years of the previous government, 682 plots [were awarded] in Male’ and Viligili and 1,060 flats were built in Male’ and Hulhumale’,” he said. “In the 30 months of the MDP [Maldivian Democratic Party] government, 500 plots”

    People should not compare the facilities, structure, administration and economy of 30 years ago and now. I am not a big fan of previous administration but when Gayyoom came to power the country was not making any money and there was no economic structure or policies. He almost had to start from scratch not to mention that Ibrahim Nasir did start a lot of work.

    But things are different now. Everything is in place to work out all means to provide facilities for the people. U can ship n bring all raw materials in 2 days. U can get aid and loads from everywhere. There is a structure to work with now. so its 100 times easier now.

  9. At this very moment President Nasheed is vacationing with Abdulla Jabir at Kuda Villingili, Jabir's picnic retreat in North Male Atoll. Nasheed enjoys his time with the super rich corrupt people who don't have any money to pay salary to their staff but when it comes to spending for MDP these people have zillions. http://minivannewsarchive.com/society/alidhoo-resort-sacks-12-staff-members-following-strike-over-unpaid-salaries-23328

  10. @ Anni Watch, don’t write crap. He will not trust Lolly Jabir.

  11. Congratulations Flat Dhonbe. The sour grapes will get flats in the Z faction of The Republic of Maldives of the Z faction.

  12. @ Anni Watch, Don't talk about the things you don't know. Go to Kuda Villingili right now and look for yourself. He isn't there! Retard

  13. anni watch gadhaey bunan. even if he does its no problem. the most corrupted 800 m dollar man gayoom also has connections with anni. does this mean he also spend money to mdp. hehe asarukuraathee ey belenee ...kuruhedhun lee hehe

  14. President is guaranteed a second term if he could complete all the flats under construction before the next election. Appoint someone to take care of this and the rest is a cake walk

  15. waheed. The last 10 years of Gayoom, he amazed over $400 million for himself. Just google New york times. That is enough to build 5000 flats.

  16. The problem with us is that when someone makes a statement we won’t things to happen immediately.

  17. 10 flats handed over, what a joke?
    what happened to the rest of the flats?
    are there only 10 people homeless in this country?

  18. Aren't we forgetting something. The govt should have money to start some project. Then there is bidding process, heavy equipments to be brought in etc etc. Anni was given empty treasury. But that was the price of DEMOCRACY. Pl do not forget that during Gayoom's time nobody dared to criticize him (that was dictatorship). Atleast we have democracy now. We are FREE now. Projects are underway, but its take time for completion. Anni does not have majic wand - we should give him time. Atleast I think that Anni is trying.

  19. Who were these flats given to? People who had second/third homes???

  20. Super idea! Well done to whoever came up with this! we do needs parks and empty lands to grow huge trees and hang out! It will be great if only the government follows through with the promise and actually makes these parks rather then having an ulterior motive for this plan.

    On a different note I was wondering why flats built in hulumale have such teeny tiny rooms I mean this is after all where there are vast lands available? who clever little idea was that??


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