Don’t shoot the referee: Dr Hassan Saeed

As people across the Maldives enjoy the European football championship, Special Advisor to the President and leader of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) Hassan Saeed, draws an analogy between opposing reports of the events of February 7 and opposing football supporters after a contentious incident on the pitch.

“I was reminded of football when I saw the very different reactions to the publication of the National Enquiry Commission timeline last week. It was like two sets of supporters who witnessed the same goal but had equally strong and diametrically opposed opinions about whether it was off side or not,” Dr Saeed writes for Haveeru.

“However the football analogies don’t stop there.  We appreciate the skill of the players and also applaud fair play. I think we would all agree football works best when the players follow the rules, have respect for the other side and heed the rulings of the referee.

It would be really wonderful if our political process operated the same way. However this week we have the MDP claiming they are being ‘intimidated’ through the legal system, simply because the Defence Minister speculates that officers of the MNDF might seek a legal remedy for what they perceive as untrue and libelous statements on the part of the MDP. In fact, all people are doing is following judicial rules, no different to the way a referee has to interpret footballing disputes on the pitch.”

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