People are misusing right to freedom of expression: Waheed

In a speech today President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan said that freedom of expression ought not to be permitted to the extent that it impinges on the rights of others, reports Sun Online.

Speaking at a preschool earlier today, Dr Waheed used the example of the way other democratic countries used the right to freedom of expression, arguing that the Maldives will not be able to truly enjoy the benefits of democracy.

To this end he expressed his hope that the parliament would act to curb the actions of those who abuse this right by shouting whatever they feel like at others.

Since his accession to the Presidency, President Waheed’s public appearances have often been accompanied by heckling crowds who dispute the legitimacy of his government.

“People misuse the right to freedom of expression and yell whatever words that come to mind at other people. You have seen and heard this, not just on TV or radio, but on the streets, in front of houses and schools. This is not how it should be,” Dr Waheed is reported as saying.

During his visit to the UK last week, President Waheed told the press that getting balanced media coverage on the current situation in the Maldives was difficult.


2 thoughts on “People are misusing right to freedom of expression: Waheed”

  1. Nasif

    @HassanLatheef @RuderFinn we brought the coup for the love of this country and we will defend this by all means. Goodbye MDP

    U mean this should be forbidden ? Right !

  2. The government is allowing and enforcing people to be forced into hogwash of religious practices and pushed into labyrinthine darkness!


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