DQP asks Finance Minister to resign

The Dhivehi Qaumy Party (DQP), led by former Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed, has sent a letter to the Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz telling him that he had failed and demanding he resign.

”Since the day you were appointed as the Finance Minister, you have conducted your duties irresponsibly and so we doubt your sincerity over the money of the citizens that have been in hands of the government,” the DQP said in the letter.

The party claimed that Inaz had played a role in devaluing the Maldivian Ruffiya.

”The costs of products have been constantly increasing and have reached an unaffordable level since you were appointed,” the DQP said. ”After telling the media and political parties that you do not support increasing political positions in the government, you became the biggest ally of the president in implementing the wasteful policy of the government.”

The DQP claimedthat Inaz had been withholding the budget allocated for subsidies to fisherman which was approved by the parliament and included in this year’s budget.

Inaz had been challenging the constitution and refusing to release the budget for civil servant’s salaries deducted amount even when the Civil Court ruled to release the budget, said DQP in the letter.

”You have been withholding the budget allocated for [Island/Atoll] Councils and it has caused many councils to dysfunction, and citizens of the islands have not been receiving basic rights,” the DQP claimed, adding that Inaz had released the budget for parliamentarians committee allowance after the court ordered to withhold the budget.

The party said that while cabinet ministers were obliged to be answerable to the parliament, Inaz had “been stubborn” in answering the MPs when summoned to the parliament.

Finance Minister Ali Inaz did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


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  1. Inaz is doing a great job!! Its Dr Hassan Saeed who is power hungry!! Hassanu, Inaz is helpless as Majlis needs to endorse the greater changes in economic front. I see Inaz trying his best to explain and also make reforms on finance side!! Dr.Hassan Saeed is a waste for this country!


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