Man sentenced to six months for possession of sex toys

The Criminal Court has sentenced a man to six months imprisonment after the police discovered two plastic sex toys inside his room.

The court identified the offender as Musthafa Hussein of Mahchangolhi Feyruge.

According to the Criminal Court, possession of objects shaped like sexual organs were prohibited under articles 4(c) and 13(c) the Contraband Act of 1975.

While article 4 of the Act states that pornographic material cannot be brought into the country, under article 13[c] images, sounds or videos depicting sexual activities as well as objects made to look like sexual organs shall be considered pornographic material for legal purposes.

Musthafa was therefore charged with possession of pornographic material.

The sex toys were discovered by police when they searched his room during a special operation on April 30, 2011.


36 thoughts on “Man sentenced to six months for possession of sex toys”

  1. It was only days ago that the famous gay blogger wrote that he found a dildo in his friends room.
    I hope the police arrest them also.

  2. This is getting ridiculous now and the Police Chief Faseeh has to answer for Maldives becoming a Joke now.
    Don't they have anything better to do than go looking for Dildos?
    What goes inside a person's bedroom is his own business and nothing with to do with the government.

    So now Cucumbers would be banned from the shops by the Criminal Court?

    This article in the law should be repealed at once. And what is a sound that depicts sexual activity anyway? It could be any sound by by a person.

  3. Its a shame that nowadays many maldivians are into illegal stuff.
    Everyone should try to eliminate these kind of people in our nation and make this place a better place!

  4. Good decision by our criminal court.
    These type of sexual devients should be given harsh punishment so that it will be a lession to other sexual devients/ predators.

  5. Cumcumba's, carrots, binjals and your hands and the like should be double taxed with GST.

  6. They should remove any fancy lingerie and boa from the lingerie shops, and the condoms... OH MY GOD the condoms should be removed and the pharmacies and people who are advocating the practice of safe sex should be given 6 months of imprisonment as well. After all these are sexual objects that really does come under pornographic material...

  7. You guys specialy who are talking rud are the worst ehehe. 3/4 of Male mister Fasee you should arest, including you then you are not doing the job right. very young people driving motorbike with speed, I guess this is worst then play with Dildo. And who folow the way of .... they are playing not with DILDo they are playing with real ones. so please do your job where you have to do. Anni look after the work in male , before you did and now you are traveling arround , please dont give crab arround , halp your people and suck them !! otherwise they will suck back !

  8. Oooo miss
    MDP makes possible, so now you have DEMOKRATIE ahahah old LAW with new Anni how this is working . and again, most MDP are gone they are in good live style some where and you have to accept western-arab style well good morning.

  9. This article gave me a good laugh.
    The police can sometimes be a joke.
    +3 for the effort!

  10. them please go lock down all the sovenier shops ... if this is justice u should do the same... just because the assh*le jina asst commissinair couldnt get him in a trap this was the only way he could...

  11. This is a issue of culture and not about sex. The police is right to enforce the law designed to protect cultural values, its shocking to see how many people scoff at it. The real sick people are your selves who commented above.

    Almost all of u think are so engrossed with your western mindset, you are willing to scoff at culture of the country. So you think even extreme westernization is good.

    But if some one speaks from other end of extreme (ie, religious fanatics), he is immediately branded a terrorist. But you are traitors of cultural values.

  12. Does this mean all sellers of cucumbers and carrots and bananas (especially plantains) will also be locked up under your stupid Contraband Act of 1975? Who makes these stupid laws anyway?
    What a ridiculous country!!

  13. Repressed arabic countries! "Pak tops the world in internet google searches for porn."

  14. That is an admirable effort! Sin, especially that of the sexually deviant variety must be extirminated at all costs.

    Let this be a lesson to all those who would plan to enjoy the use of these heinous objects for their own nefarious purposes - indeed, it is of utmost priority and in the interest of preserving our national morals and social charachter, that individuals such as this are found wherever they may lurk and brought to proper justice, so that our nation may prosper and grow without such corruption infesting its fabric.

    As for the manufacturers, the Ayatullah Khomeini would have had them garroted on the spot; may his name ever be praised.

  15. Great. Bring back on the circumcision of girls. Make sure all sexual urges are removed.
    And then penguin-dress them to cover completely and torment them if they ever step out of their homes. We are a progressive nation!

    We are accelerating towards dark ages. When can we remove the damn islamic ministry and the useless clowns from making any decisions?

  16. @Dhivehi Hanguraama

    What's with you and garroting everybody? Seems to me that there's a lot of pent up anger inside of you. Did someone abuse you as a child or something?

  17. Er does he get to take the objects to jail with him, it may negate the necessity of the 'special visits' some of these people get, also solve the boredom in jail as we don't make them work.

    This article is a joke right?

  18. Guys, no need to bash Fasee. Go talk to your "hinirable" MP's and get the law changed

  19. Lol, did Seyku Fareed amend that contraband act?. He's got some issues with cucumbers - like al-qaeda in iraq tried to ban cucumbers.

    Oh dear. I realized I have a large shipment of bananas, brinjals, carrots and cucumbers incoming. Whatever shall I do?!.

    ... oh well, I suppose if Maldivians really want to rob themselves of good eating, I should redirect the food to people who need it more, like Somalia, maybe?

  20. cant blame the police for enforcing the law. You can blame people for being ignorant simple minded fools.

    What is the guy going to do with a dildo thats going to cause any concern to the rights of the community? Is he going to go around shoving it up people on the street?

  21. @Dhivehi Hanguraama "Sin, especially that of the sexually deviant variety must be extirminated at all costs." There we have it, an immediate answer to the population problem, Islamist style. As one famous(or mythical)man once said,"Let him that is without sin cast the first stone".

  22. @Zayd

    "What’s with you and garroting everybody?"

    What about it? Also, sexually deviant abominations and secularists are "everybody" now?

    @Derek Postance

    "There we have it, an immediate answer to the population problem, Islamist style."

    Not at all - we have archaeological evidence to corroborate our holy texts that entire cities have been wiped out as a result of sexual miscreants earning the wrath of God. What this vile man did in the privacy of his home was to put our national security in jeopardy and adulerate the moral and cultural fabric of our society. Thus it is I who is speaking on behalf of the safety of our population.

    It is a crime truly heinous and much worthy of punishment and - though he need not be garroted - a good lashing would be the proportionate and admirable course of action. Confining him for 6 months, and letting him contemplate the error of his ways, and egregiousness of conduct is admirable also.

    Furthermore, please do not pry into the happenings of our nation. These are our affairs and of no concern to you. I can't quite fathom the level of derangement that would compel you to such nosiness. Though I must point out, that as a secular, Islamophobic Westerner, your are of inferior moral charachter and breeding, and undiscerning in all things.

  23. @Dhivehi Hanguraama

    Good to see you are still posting, I had missed my morning laughs. Keep those comments coming, rarely have I ever been this amused.

  24. Since when did enforcing the law become a joke to some people? The police conducted their duty and what is wrong with that?

    There are even funnier laws in western countries - but I am sure those commented are people who would everything western sacred. I consider the comments as a reflection of all for the westernized maldives mindset of today.

  25. using dildos to satisfy onself or one's partner is haraam in sharia. so its a good move.

  26. reminds me of a conversation we had today about a foreigner named Mrs Champagne due to arrive in to Maldives. I know its extremely rediculous but i wouldnt be surprized if Maldivian authorities stop her from entering the beacutiful paradise because she has a surname that matches a beverage which is alcaholic.

  27. bloody hell! what is with the police??? this is beyond ridiculous. so someone owns a dildo. big deal.

  28. Oh yeah....and we all think maldivians are crazy... here is what goes on in century old liberal, democratic, open society

    i am no fan of the maldivian justice system or the moral policing that goes on around here....

  29. It's amazing how 100% muslims country day by day meet more and more sexual toys?and sexual crime!why?
    Dildo is meaning democracy?


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