MDP National Council votes resoundingly for change in leadership

The Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) National Council has declared a lack of confidence in the leadership of the party’s President, former Fisheries Minister Dr Ibrahim Didi, and its Vice-President, former Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) MP Alhan Fahmy.

At a meeting this afternoon at Dharubaaruge, 69 of 73 votes cast (almost 95 percent) were in support of the no-confidence motion for both Didi and Fahmy’s leadership. Four members abstained from voting for either motion.

Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, the newly-elected Secretary General of the Party’s Parliamentary Group and International Spokesperson who submitted the motion, said the issue was “political” rather than “personal”.

“This was a solemn occasion and I took no pleasure in it. But it was a good day for the party and a good day for democracy. We have shown that the largest party in this country can act democratically,” said Ghafoor.

The MDP stated that the motion was triggered after both Dr Didi and Fahmy made public statements contradicting the party’s position established following a resolution passed on February 8, recognising that former President Mohamed Nasheed and his cabinet were ousted by illegitimate means through a coup d’état.

The MDP maintained that as the transfer of power was illegal, former President Nasheed and his cabinet should continue to sit in the National Council as senior members of government.

A similar vote had been proposed earlier in the month, with the National Council deciding to conduct further investigations into the supposed manipulation of the party’s constitution on this occasion.

The party member responsible for this earlier motion, Chair of Elections Committee Ibrahim Waheed, said at the time: “The reason for the submission was that some of the party’s leaders have been issuing statements and interviews against the MDP’s Constitution.”

Ghafoor reported that Fahmy had spoken at the meeting, requesting more information on his alleged misdemeanours.

“He claimed the charges were untrue and asked me for a more detailed explanation. I said that we should leave the decision to the membership,” reported Ghafoor.

“I proposed the motion but I did it for the security and protection of the party,” he said.

Dr Didi was not present at the meeting this afternoon. Neither Didi nor Alhan were available for comment, although Alhan posted on Twitter that is was “a bad day for democracy”, shortly after the close of the meeting.

Dr Didi told Minivan News earlier today that the nature of the motion went against established precedents, arguing that the holding on such meetings must first be discussed with the President or Vice-President of the party.

“I will not participate in today’s meeting even though I can as a former cabinet member, because I do not believe that the cabinet is legitimate. The party constitution states that the Party President has to form the party cabinet,” he said.

Ghafoor had cited  article 30, clause (f), of the MDP’s constitution which states that the National Council is able “to debate and assess the confidence of the President of the Party or the Vice President of the Party or the Chairperson or a Deputy Chairperson, if the members of the party submits a complaint disapproving their actions.”

After today’s meeting, Ghafoor claimed that he had received appeals for a change in leadership from all over the country, as well as from within the national council.

The party’s constitution now stipulates that new elections will now be held, Ghafoor said.


43 thoughts on “MDP National Council votes resoundingly for change in leadership”

  1. Excellent move.

    With this, the MDP leadership can stand united behind one vision.

    The democratic ouster of MDP party leaders is an example for the coup partakers. Leadership changes can happen through votes too!

  2. Nasheed failed MDP and the people of Maldives by resigning! He didn't have the eyes (or rather the brain) to see what was unfolding right before his eyes. If it was any other country the party would have kicked him out. Anni is becoming his worse enemy Maumooon.

  3. A lot of people seem to not understand the concept of voting that I wonder if in the last three years of so-called "Democracy" what did MDP govt do?

    If the parliament can remove an elected President by a vote that is democracy.

    But if MDP Qaumee Majlis can remove an elected Party President by a vote, some people seems to think it is not democracy.

    Failure of a democratic government to get its citizens to understand the concept of democracy or are Maldivians just "galhi"?

  4. MDP is a cult, look at its history, no elected President can stay in the party, unless he or she lick the foot of its cult leader Nasheed

  5. This is outrageous! This is not democratic! Anni is just being a dictator by kicking out whoever is against him! Anni has no legal capacity to represent MDP. Neither Alhan nor Didi were given ample time to rebuttal the allegations against them.

    This is a slap on the face of the people from Addu!!!

  6. we dont support al-han or didi . the best thing to do is just throw away the hypocrites and move forward with the loyal people . btw Nasheed is the only man who can save us from this crap . ignore these people and move forward ...

  7. kickass news . Alhan and didi should know today that they were as leaders yesterday cause we voted and today they should leave the party cause we voted .
    The prettiest thing in democracy and humanity in leadership is by deciding it vote . bye bye alhan and didi . didi it was better when you were a dentist and alhan got just one choice in his career.

  8. heheheh MDP stepped two steps forward today . if my guess isnt wrong alhan is the most selfish and the biggets looser in maldivian politics . if he was in mdp i wish one day im gonna vote for him as a president. And that day will no longer be back . golha vaanee hama golha ah ...

  9. we dont support al-han or didi . the best thing to do is just throw away the hypocrites and move forward with the loyal people . btw Nasheed is the only man who can save us from this crap . ignore these people and move forward …

  10. Excellent move.

    With this, the MDP leadership can stand united behind one vision.

    The democratic ouster of MDP party leaders is an example for the coup partakers. Leadership changes can happen through votes too!

  11. we don't support al-han or didi . the best thing to do is just throw away the hypocrites and move forward with the loyal people . President Nasheed is the only man who can save us from this crap . ignore these people and move forward …

  12. mdp's elections are meaningless. only one man has always been in charge. probably will be like this for the next 30 years. same sht from different people.

  13. MDP is dictatorship controlled by Nasheed, Mariya & Reeko. I will not attend any MDP rallies from today..

  14. MDP members voted these people in and it was the qaumee majilis that voted these people out, i think that's fair and justice. if there are those who differ in thought from the democratic ways of the party, then it's only right what has happened today. MDP was and never is a dictatorship or you would have seen things more differently in the last 3 years.. it's not today that you can say MDP is a dictatorship or a cult. what cult??! maumoonu is the cult leader, but that is something i can talk about elsewhere.

    i hope MDP chooses wisely it's new president and vp. i wish them luck

  15. Anni is a cult and he want MDP members to move around him and he does not want anything against him and he can not digest any constructive criticism .

    He is a dictator and he has run our nation on his terms for 2 years and thats why people turn against him. He believe that he is the most superior human being and no other human being should question on his action and sort of mentality of a God.

    Anni get loss and please allow MDP members and our nation to move forward and you can live any where in this world with your corrupted money.

  16. MDP has still not learned its lesson. Brawn has taken over brain in the functioning of the party. I don't see a great future for these guys, even though I'd like to see a strong opposition.

    It really has turned into a cult surrounding Nasheed. This was how DRP lost its way, and the same process is going on inside MDP.

    I'm sure Didi and Alhan will find some other avenue to lead their political careers. MDP will gradually turn into a non-entity at this rate.

  17. MDP first President Ibra was forced out of office, MDP second President Dr Munavvar also forced out office. MDP third President Didi also forced out.
    Please, MDP members please elect leaders who will follow MDP spritual leader, Nasheed,Anni.
    Anni the GREAT DICTATOR. Democracy is so alien to him. He is worse than Mugabe.

  18. believe or not Alhan and Didi was trying their best to mes up our kids future for as benefit of their own life.

  19. MDP seems unable to cope with criticsm. Anybody who offers an alternate view is kickd out! does not bode well for the party.

  20. very good...these two have been paid by gasim and champaa uhchu to destroy the biggest party in maldives...they tried and its better to get rid of the thorns before its too late

  21. It is a sad day for democracy. A lot of the followers of the spiritual leader are trying to put a positive spin on this but it is only spin.

    If MDP had followed the right procedures then of course at least the question of the legality would not be raised.
    This meeting was chaired by non elected people who had no legal authority.
    MDP's constitution does not say anything about removing the President and the Vice President elected by the members.
    Sure it could be a moral obligation for Didi and Alhan to resign but since there is nothing that says they have to resign and certainly nothing that says they can be sacked.

    What this shows is that Anni would not counter any dissension or opposition to his way.
    The problem for Alhan started when he met Anni one to one and asked him to support a new generation of leaders and to step back like Mandela did.
    Anni got so angry that he nearly threw Alhan out of Kenereege.
    At the end of the day this has nothing to do with democracy but all to do with power grabbing by Anni, Reeko and Maria.
    No difference from Gayoom and his clan.

    Unfortunately a lot of ignorant MDP followers do not see this and are blindly following him just like that lot that follow Gayoom.
    It is indeed a sad day for Maldivian democracy and members of MDP are right to ask the question, " where is my vote"?

  22. mdp scum have started chopping up their own leaders now. how can we trust them?

  23. change in leadership? at first i thought damn, they kicked nasheed out? only later i realized anni doesnt have a leadership position in mdp. it was actually elected leaders of mdp didi and alhaan who were kicked out by nasheed controlled national council which has all his ministers from his government. then i saw a picture of them all raising hands to vote. hehe. how in the world can anyone raise hand against this dangerous man's wish.

  24. Dee-Dee was kept as "presidente" of MDP like a lamb to be sacrificed to divert attention of the public of Nasheed's failures.

  25. For goodness sake. Shadow cabinet? This was about a shadow cabinet and sticking to a constitution that was way out of date!!Oh ppppulease!!!

    Did the MDP Congress not know that the people voted for a Presidential system of governance? Why was the constitution of the party not revised? What the heck was MDP Mamma Marya doing as Chairperson of the Council and Zaki Vice President doing, not dealing with this matter?

    Having said that, what is Dr Didi doing making statements that he does not see why President Nasheed and his cabinet should be sitting on the council. Wasnt a resolution passed on the 8th to do that? This is a democracy , he should accept that decision or ship out.

    As for all this talk about Haysiyyath. That President Nasheed does not have haysiyyath to be on the council. And the spin that Alhan has been so busy pushing with this line. It is very clear to us that the Resolution of Feb 8 gave that Haiysiyyath to Nasheed. He is, where MDP is considered the President of the Maldives. We do not recognise Dr Waheed as President. That is very clear to us. Which part of this is not clear to Didi and Alhaan?Actually Alhan should be expelled from the party. Like he was by DRP. The man only thinks of himself. he is a virus.

    As for Didi's statements that Moosa is not the legit chair of the Council, how ridiculous is that? yes yes yes, we know that the court said that he isn't because the minutes of the meeting that chose him as Acting Chair didnt say he was chosen.......etc etc ...So how long is that going to take to get corrected? And wasnt it Dr Didi' s job to get that sorted out anyway?

    And why do we still have an Acting Chairperson? Acting for who? When are we going to have party elections for Chairperson? Why do we have to put up with Reeko Moosa who was not elected by us as Chairperson but selected by the MDP Council. This is democracy?

    Clean up your house MDP leaders or we will throw you guys out at the next party elections and parliamentary election.

    And while I am on a roll can I please request President Nasheed to give a very very long leave of absence to Ziyatte and Hoarey. They do nothing for your image.

    Clean up your house President Nasheed.

  26. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb

    HAHAHAHA, what a day, I guess we wont be seeing your constant posts praising and protecting MDP at any cost eh, hahahahh, finally realied huh, that MDP is a cult and Anni is its loser leader, no more spinning for MDP eh, what will you do with your life, come join us, get out of the cult when you still can!!

  27. @Yasir

    I finally got it. This whole thing about chopping up people. I think you have homicidal fantasies chopping people.

    I think we will see very soon a serial killer on the loose with many people chopped Yasir.

  28. how undemocratic mdp can be? alhan and didi were chosen by its members! and they simply kicked them out, cause anni didnt like them. i dont see the difference with anni and maumoon. anni along with reeko and maria is destroying the party.

  29. aa, you'll be sorely missed. Now go and join Gayoom's party, as that is obviously where your loyalties lie.

  30. Believe or not Anni and Maumoon have lots in common. Both are well known cult leaders and Dictators .Both have corrupt cronies( Who suck people's blood ) in their inner circle. Both have abilities to mobilize Hundreds of Thousands of fanatic cult followers at any place at any given time. At their command these lunatic, blind followers go on rampage and destroy goverment and public properties without second thinking .
    No doubt Alhan is a famous deserter at a crucial moment and a hypocrite. He remainds me of a bat Who always loves to be on the wining side in one of the Children story.
    As for Didi , I have all my sympathy for him.

  31. The conflicts between the top management of the party will not happen if we had one leader.

    Ibra, Munavvar, Didi, rolled over, and the next President will roll over too.

    I am surprised that the party hasnt got this sorted this out, with all the advisors they have from the Tory Party and highly paid political advisors of President Nasheed.

    I understand the Congress did attempt to remove Party President and VP positions but the motion was blocked by powerful members of the party with Party President aspiratons.

    I believe MDP COngress should meet urgently to revise our party constitution and leadership structure of the party.

    We should have ONE leader.

    Until we have this resolved we must not have elections for the positions of President, Vice President and Chairperson of the party.

    We cannot afford to have squabbles like this anymore.

    Put aside your egos, guys and walk the talk.


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