FDA authorises reopening of Fantasy Bakery

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has authorised the reopening of Fantasy Bakery, which was closed down by health inspectors in October 2011 for selling expired food products.

In a statement yesterday, FDA explained that approval was given to the bakery last Wednesday in its capacity as the monitoring body for food sellers.

However, the Male’ City Council had yet to reach a decision on the dispute when the FDA announced its authorisation for the reopening.

Mayor ‘Maizan’ Ali Manik told local daily Haveeru yesterday that the bakery could not be reopened before the city council approved the business to operate, adding that authority to do so was delegated to the council by the Ministry of Health.

Earlier this year, the city council decided to conduct a public referendum on the reopening of Fantasy Bakery. However, in April the Civil Court issued an injunction halting the planned referendum on the grounds that it was not stipulated in any law or regulation.

The company meanwhile filed a counter-suit suing the city council for withholding its license to sell food products.

Mayor Ali Manik insisted yesterday that the FDA could not authorise the reopening while the cases were pending at court.