Food and drink outlets given later closing times during Ramadan

Food and drink outlets such as cafes and restaurants will be permitted to remain open until 3:00am during Ramadan this year, local media has reported.

The extended closing time has been approved in order to cater for late dining during the Islamic holy month, Economic Development Minister Ahmed Mohamed has told Sun Online.

Retail stores will still be required to be closed by 11:00PM as normal.


4 thoughts on “Food and drink outlets given later closing times during Ramadan”

  1. Amusing how the whole country plays this charade of being 100 percent Islamic. LOL. Prayer is essential for their Holy Allah to accept their fasts but Dhivehistanis hardly pray - making their fasts a complete waste. Besides most of the men simply sleep through the fasting hours while the women slave away in the kitchen - hardly religious duties. The men only to wake up to gorge, copulate, gorge some more and copulate some more. Very little Islam going on there if you ask me. So best give up this pretense and stick to the regular times. False piety is simply pointless showing off. No one is impressed.

  2. Who goes out to coffee shops at early hours of the morning? The youth, coffee and cigarette crowds that account to 65% of the population.

    Who goes to buy food for the house, and sleep as early as 2200hrs? The poor women and elderly who actually account for 20% of the population.

    1+1=2. Give the youth the freedom they need, the fun they want and since most are high on booze, coke and 'white sugar', they dont have the capacity to think or read between the lines but will just cast the vote to who else........

    It's all politics, after all most Maldivians don't fast...sheer desperation to get votes through any means

  3. Bes it is, kuribee. Although it may not be for you. But hey, you're a foreign mercenary; news important to us isnt THAT important to you.


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