Four Maldivian children win medals at Special Olympics

Maldivian children with special needs who competed in the Special Olympics in Greece this year have won three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal.

All four Maldivians, three boys and one girl, won medals in their events.

Mohamed Mustafa Ahmed, adult attendant of the athletes in Greece, told newspaper Haveeru yesterday that he was very pleased with the success as this was the first time Maldivians with special needs had taken part in the Special Olympics.

“This goes to show that such children can be part of society and participate in sports like other children,” he said.


One thought on “Four Maldivian children win medals at Special Olympics”

  1. Congratulations to the children, I hope they are really proud of themselves. I pray now that people start to realise that having a disability doesn't mean that you can't be part of society like everyone else. Let's hope the blind, deaf, disabled and mentally ill are all considered part of society too.


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