Health Ministry criticises “inhumane treatment” of alleged sex abuse victim

The Ministry of Health and Family has today condemned some islanders on Dhidhoo, Haa Alifu Atoll, for what it has called the “inhumane treatment” of a 13-year old school girl.

The girl in question is an alleged victim of a sexual abuse case involving eight men, including two under the age of 18. The case came to light in April and was under police investigation.

The Health Ministry has hit out at the reported treatment of the girl by members of the local community that have been accused of trying to block her from returning to public education.

“Even if it’s the actions of a few, we are saddened to see that at a time when the girl is already undergoing physical and mental trauma, there are people who attempt to deprive the [alleged victim] of her basic rights and inflict more trauma,” the ministry stated in a press release.

After a long period of absence from public education, the girl attended school yesterday. However, a group of islanders barged into her class and removed her chair in an attempt to get her out of school, according to local news service, Haveeru.

She reportedly remained in class without a chair during the morning, and when she left school at interval time, the same group went and locked the entire building in an attempt to stop her from returning.  Police confirmed that they had “received reports of the closure of the Dhidhoo School” and had later re-opened it.

The school’s role

One local islander, who wished to use a false name to protect her identity, told Minivan News that there had been concerns about the alleged victim’s return to her school.

“Most islanders object to the fact that she is able to go back, while the school goers among the male suspects involved in the case are barred from [attending],” said Aiminath Sheenaz,18, a resident of the island.

Sheenaz said that when the abuse case first came to light, after a couple of days the girl did attend school. However, she added that disturbances created by some islanders had led to her staying home.

“The Ministry of Education informed the school to take her back that’s why she was in school yesterday,” Sheenaz claimed.

The principal of Dhidhoo school, Hussain Badheeu, was not answering calls when contacted by Minivan News and was unable to confirm the reports.

However, according to the press release published by the Health Ministry, the school had asked the alleged victim’s parents not to send her to back until the investigation was complete.

“When this ministry became aware of this, we contacted the relevant authorities and requested they facilitate her return to school,” the release stated.   “Education is a basic right, and after concluding the alleged victim is not at fault for what happened, the Ministry of Education asked the school to take her back.”

Islanders Attitudes

Despite the ministry’s verdict, Sheenaz said that some islanders believed it remains unfair that the alleged perpetrators can’t attend school.

“It was consensual. She did all that, fornicated with so many men,” she added.

Although being closer in age to the alleged victim, Sheenaz claimed she was also convinced of the 13 year old’s “willing participation” in these acts, adding that this was the prevailing belief of most islanders also. When the eight men suspected of having involvement with the case were first arrested, a group of islanders protested and called on the police to release the group that resulted in clashes.

Asked if attitudes about the case were likely to change in the future if the court case went on to prove that the male suspects had sexually abused the girl, Sheenaz was adamant that it would be impossible.

“A lot of people have given assurances that the girl agreed to the sexual acts,” she said.  The fact that these assurances apparently originate from the alleged suspects themselves does not seem to make a difference to these attitiudes.

The President of Dhidhoo council declined to comment on the issue when contacted by Minivan News.

However, it is believed that both the suspects and the victim are presently living on the same island at present.  Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the suspects implicated in the case were freed after a court had ordered their release.

The sub-inspector added that the investigation had now been completed, with the case expected to be sent to the Prosecutor General’s (PG) office very soon.

Shiyam said that the reported disturbance that occured in Dhidhoo concerning the case would be investigated and action taken against anyone who threatens fellow members of the public.

The Health Ministry has also bemoaned the lack of organisations such as NGOs advocating the rights of the alleged victim or voicing concern about the treatment she has received on her island.

“Actions like this by the public – hindering the girl from attending school –  even if it involves [a few people], encourages perpetrators of similar crimes to repeatedly offend,” said the ministry press release.  “We call upon everyone to stand up against injustice like this and work towards protecting the rights of the victims.”

Official police figures given to Minivan News this week indicated that a total of 163 sexual abuse cases were reported last year.  By comparison, the same statistics also revealed that 108 sexual abuse cases had been reported up to the end of May 2011.

According to these figures, 30 of these cases allegedly involved victims aged between two to 12 years.


35 thoughts on “Health Ministry criticises “inhumane treatment” of alleged sex abuse victim”

  1. I say she deserves whatever that is being heralded at her.

    More importantly, why is this story even being covered? It is of no significant importance to our societal way of life.. Ignorance! 😉

  2. "More importantly, why is this story even being covered? It is of no significant importance to our societal way of life.. Ignorance! ;)"

    If you think this is of no importance, you betray your own ignorance.

  3. Most of the Island communities behave like uncivilized people in remote tribal conditions. It takes centuries and generation to get human brains to develop.
    There is no law and order in Islands. They do things as they please. The loud and barbaric ones set the rule.
    The story should be covered since civilized Maldivians believe that every Maldivian should get fair treatment even he or she is a slut.

  4. Brand her on the forehead with a "zaviyani" (for zaaniya), as a reminder to her of her sin, and as a warning to other girls.

    We should all gather our pitchforks and torches and storm her house! Angry villagers, onward!

  5. 13 Years Old!! May God forgive you - you godforsaken barbarians!

  6. Hello health minister,what about the treatment that the sick people of this country are getting?No beds in hospitals,no space in the ICUs,ill patients waiting in queue at home for beds at hospitals,is that human?

    And what really are being done for the ill treated bedridden elderly people,small children who are abused by their own parents,they are all there..why only talking about one child when there are hundreds of children who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence? Wake up minister,don't take up another headline to divert from the mismanaged dengue epidemic crisis..(so ill managed that it's a total national shame&a huge sign of a govt failure)

  7. Visitors be aware of this island...HAA ALIF DHIDHOO... make sure u do not visit it, esp with young girls or any woman.

    The islanders are barbaric and have no concept of right and wrong. An island that protects PEDOPHILES & RAPISTS.

    @ Shutter best if you speak after figuring out what "ignorance" means. Your comment is what is ignorant.

    I hope the bullies in the island are set straight or else that island is going to go from bad to worse.

    Most of Maldives is in dire need of getting educated on ethics and morals.

    Imagine the state of their minds, when they have no problem with saying that a 13 year old was a willing participant in a brutal gang rape... Fools have no idea of our laws not allowing sex with a minor even if she was willing.

    SICK MEN!!

  8. Great. This is exactly the muslim world. Our world.

    We are 100% muslim. Girls must get married at 6 years of age, have sex at 9 years. That's all they must do. Men must be able to break apart their life and subject them to total obedience. Unquestioning obedience. That's was ordered, preached, led-by example by our beloved Prophet - peace be upon him.

    This is a pathetic world of utter and pure ignorance that we live in. Islam needs this environment to thrive. Just like dengue-causing mosquitoes require water. And we preach Islam here as the one and only. Men loves the play of their dreams.

  9. How come the mullahs are quite on this?
    Are they condoning this?
    Does their apparent silence on the matter mean that it allowed in Islam?
    When the president joins together with the Maldivian tradition of dancing to boduberu, they call it haram and what not. But not to this!
    Them be hypocrites.
    Are they agreeing that a 13 year old girl barely able to make sense of the world AGREED to have sex with group of men. What the hell is wrong with you?
    I these kind of people, what they will call that incidence, they would call it a "buffet", its gang rape, what ever name they call it by. These men they will do it again. The society they live in doesn't seem to think of it as a crime, they praise it. Our beloved 100% muslim brothers condone rape. Of course the rapist will say she agreed.
    Poor poor girl. Human Rights Commission the rights of that child, where is your humanity?

  10. absolute disgrace, shame on the country and shame on the God fearing Muslims - yes happy to preach and stand behind the great book but if there's a chance to rape a young innocent 13 year old girl (or a goat come to think of it) you can count on a Maldivian 'man' to be front of the Que. - i so wish the world would see the state of this country and the people that live here. then perhaps the 1 million plus stupid tourists would take their dollars else where

  11. “It was consensual. She did all that, fornicated with so many men,” What a lovely attitude! Oh how I pity this poor young girl, even if she was offering it to these men they should have said no- what man wants to have sex with a 13 year old girl who has 'allegedly' been with so many others? Oh yeah that's right stupid, barbaric islanders who will do anything to have sex. In any other civilised country this would be child abuse. Is there no one in this country who will stand up and demand that our youngsters are taught about sex education, and self respect and support them when such things like this happen? Probably not, because we are muslims and everyone knows that sex before marriage is frowned upon. OPEN YOUR EYES people who make the laws cox times are a changing.

  12. Mullah philosophy is based on pedophiliac; they firmly believe that it is their god given right to get married with under aged children!
    In this instance they will not comment since this incidence have gone along with their belief.
    According to Mullahs god have created women as inferior and the purpose of creating women is for serving the man for sexual and house hold purposes only.
    So friends there is no way that Adhaalath party can rebuke these types of issues!

  13. Whats the difference between a 5 year old giving "consent" and a 13 year old? There is no difference.

    Pedophiles and sex offenders all say the victim gave consent, even if its a baby. This island shows how much self awareness Maldivian people have. Im so pissed i want to bomb this island.

  14. If I say anything against this barbaric attitude I am called a racist, being Australian and given our barbaric history. But, if trying to defend this young girl from being sexually abused by this predator makes me a racist, then I could not care if I am accused of being the ring leader of the KKK, Call me a cross burning redneck, I don't give a hoot, I will still say, the silence must be broken.

  15. heck on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 10:50 PM

    kindly learn a bid about islam before you speak. if you dont know what is your intention of writing all this falsehood? is this to offend us muslims? if so let me tell you, we are not offended, we just pity your ignorance

  16. Not so sunny side of life for the sex abuse victims 🙁

  17. By the way Ben why should anyone say that you are a racialist?
    Maldivians are having more racial attitude than an Australian or British. Usually Maldivians each other based on atolls and islands.
    Here we are talking of social norms and Islamic clergy (mullahs) who have been trained in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Malaysia and India. Be free anything that you won’t.

  18. one million plus tourists,o please take your dollars elsewhere ...this is a country of pedophiles&child abusers..

    mullas.o would you not mind it if your wn thirteen year old child was abused?

    Leave this country o those who are in their senses!!livin' here is worse than livin in the stone ages..uncivilized,barbarians!!Maldives"hell"on earth!

  19. @Hassan Ahmed: I was accused of being racist for making comments about Maldives and social sit. so I expect it to happen again. But I think if one reads my comments in context they would realize that I only comment, care at all because I love Maldives alot...

  20. @Hassan Ahmed: Let me explain it like this, and I wonder if other Faranji who know your people would feel the same way?

    There is a very beautiful, gentle yet powerfully addictive presence which Maldivians emanate, compassionate, blissful. There is a profound, an almost mystical intelligence, we experience this, we Faranji become LOST in our love for Dhivehin...

    and THEN...

    We experience all of this tension, and frustration, and it is like, there are two forces at war, the beautiful side of the Dhivehin verses this tense side which seems to be a manifestation of opression, and we, or I, can't but help fend for the good side, though, in my anger, I make comments which may make it seem I only see the bad side, or else, focus on that...

    This is way off the topic now but I had to clarify to explain what I meant.

  21. So, Minivan are apostates (Murtad) because they are highlighting the suffering of a sex abuse victim?

    What the hell does that say about Islam?

    There it is folks...

  22. What pisses me off more is it's a woman saying this about this poor girl

  23. Most don't want to talk about it. But it has been documented by all islamic scholars.

    Prophet (PBUH) at 50+, married a 6 year old girl and had sex when she was only 9. However anybody describes this, with and without rosary flowers, it is child abuse.

    So when all and every male Muslim wants to mimic prophets ways of life, it is very unlikely that any Beardee will be against this incident. For them, it is a right for men to break young girls.

  24. Their backward mentality doesn't allow them to realize that the Age of Sexual Consent in this country is 18+. Which means the victim does not have to prove that their was a consent or not, it would be considered prima facie rape/child abuse case. The defendant will have to prove that he did not rape. Consent would not arise as an issue because automatically it will be considered rape/child abuse in a court of law if the victim is below 18.

  25. @Ali shamin

    Is that so?

    Then it's my right to sell assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades to victims of sexual abuse and sit at the sidelines and chew on some marshmallows and watch them massacre their abusers.

  26. Ben, be assured that you have been accused by Wahabi guys with their foolish philosophy.
    These guys are perverts always talk of sex. And be assured that local girls hate the sight of Mullahs and wasabi’s. So be cool man, most of the Maldivians care s%^t about religions.

  27. Ben, there are lot of Maldivian with close ties with Faranji, why are these people not having problems with Farangi?
    I believe there is a quite bit of Maldivians who have a mother or father who is a farangi.
    Be assured that we are not from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Never, will Maldivians in general behave like Saudi Arabians and Pakistanis.

  28. Jewel explain us what we are ignorance of?
    Oh yah! Defiantly we don’t support pedophile dirty bearded perverts.

  29. @Bolted on Wed, 6th Jul 2011 8:13 PM

    True. revolting.

    most probably the woman thought the girl was her competitor? May be her hubby was one of the perpetrators. And jealousy crept in, and she started bitching about it.

  30. The victim should be allowed to continue her education if she is physically and mentally fit for that. Likewise, until the case goes to court and the guilt of the suspects are proven, the perpetrators of school going age should too be allowed to return to school. The School management has behaved irresponsibly in this incident and should have being able to control the disturbance before it escalated. It is no surprise to our society today that many young girls and boys quietly endure sexual abuse, even at the hands of their own family members. Whether the alleged sexual abuse was consensual or not is a matter for the court – and ordinary islanders who would obviously not have access to full information regarding this case should not make judgments on that. If the common people of a society behave the way these islanders behaved that day barring her from entering schooland victimising her, we cannot wipe out the dirt of sexual abuse which is prevalent in our country today. And it is disgusting to hear opinions such as that of Aminath Sheenaz, a woman herself! If you don’t raise your voice when someone else is oppressed, no one will come to raise their voice when you are oppressed! Hope justice will prevail!

  31. There is no such thing called consensual sex when a child is involved. It is sexual assault. The distinction adult supposes that the adult has a responsibility to keep our children safe and protect them.

    As for a 13 year old engaging in a sexual act with another teenager. I ask where were the adults when this was happening? How can this happen if they are being looked after? How much do parents know about what their children are doing on the internet, on their cell phones and in their spare time?

    I weep for this young girl whose life has been changed forever. I weep for a community that has lost the essence of what it means to be human.

    It is well documented fact that post traumatic stress and the trauma of the person who has been sexually violated and attacked is lessened /hightened by the response of the family and community and how she is taken care of in the aftermath of disclosure. Research indicates that persecution of the victim can lead to fragmentation of the psyche and the soul and deep wounding that changes the person forever and arrest their capacity to trust, to belong and to have a life they can love. The emotional wounds of sexual assault goes further than the the loss of innocence. Sexual assault is an act of war, the taking of force of ones power and ones capcity to protect oneself from aggression greed and ownership.

    I cringe at the primitive state of the human mind in our society that a child who has been sexually assaulted can be persecuted in such a fashion.The hypocricy of a community only too happy to have their own children groomed as their Jaariyaas and yet take the high ground of moral indignation when child sexual abuse becomes exposed.


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