VIP room at IGMH to house dengue patients

A VIP room at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) intended for use by the President and his family has been given over to house dengue patients.

Earlier this week, 19 beds were set up at the hospital’s emergency lobby, which has since been used as a makeshift ward. In addition, the observation and physiotherapy areas are also being used to treat dengue patients.

President Mohamed Nasheed reportedly made the decision to use the VIP room today because the lobby area did not have a toilet for the patients.

MNBC One reports that the patients at the makeshift ward were now being transferred to the VIP room, which has enough space for 14 beds.

Meanwhile physiotherapy appointments at IGMH were cancelled yesterday while all non-emergency surgeries were suspended today.

While the seasonal dengue outbreak has claimed seven lives this year so far, including four children in 48 hours last week, the dengue control task force revealed yesterday that the number of cases reported has fallen in the past three days.

Some 18 cases were reported on the first day, followed by 16 the next day and 11 yesterday.

Haveeru reported that 35 patients have been admitted at IGMH among a total of 75 nationwide. Of the 35 patients at IGMH, four in serious condition had been placed under special care.

“These four cases did not have the risk of being fatal. But we have placed the patients under special care,” said Dr Ali Latheef, senior consultant at IGMH.