Gang attempted to take revenge for recent murder: Home Minister

Home Minister Umar Naseer has today told the press that the gang of the recent murder victim, who was killed on December 24, attempted to murder someone from the rival gang by using an inmate who was convicted for 25 years.

According to Umar Naseer, the inmate pretended to be sick the following day of the murder incident to come to Male’ and planned to escape from the hospital and murder a member of the rival gang.

Umar stated that the inmate was brought Male’ according to the procedures of Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services [DPRS].

When he was brought to the hospital in Male’ there were members of his gang in the area to help him escape the hospital, however, police intelligence received information about this and police officers were in the area spying on them, Umar told the press.

Umar said that when the gang members attempted to take the prisoner away police Serious and Organized Crime [SO] officers went to the area and obstructed their plan.

Umar added that five persons were arrested from the scene.

Furthermore, Umar Naseer said that gang wars occur due to drug related issues and it can’t be stopped at once.

He assured that he will do all he can to stop gang crimes.

On December 24, Hussein Waheed, 21 of Mahchangolhi Aisha was stabbed to death while he was near ‘Coffee Corner’ café in Mahchangolhi, Male’.