Police looking for two men involved in smashed drug network

Police are looking for two men for their alleged involvement in the local drug network that was busted on December 5 in a joint special operation conducted by the police Drug Enforcement and Intelligence Departments.

Police identified the pair as Ismail Zihan, 21 of Medo house in Galolhu, and Faisal Ibrahim, 23 of Anooma house in Mahchangolhi.

The police did not reveal further information about the individuals.

Home Minister Umar Naseer this week held a dinner at Nasandura Palace Hotel with the police senior officers to congratulate them for the two successful operations conducted by police to seize two local drug networks.

During the dinner Umar Naseer thanked all the officers for their work and assured them that he would cooperate with the police to arrest and bring drug lords to justice.

Official statistics reveal drug-related offences reported to police have risen by 84 percent between 2012 and 2013.

On December 5, police searched the premises of Henveiru Fahaageaage after obtaining a search warrant, finding drugs and money inside the house.

Police said that persons believed to be involved in the network were apprehended inside the house during the operation.

According to police, a total four persons have been arrested in connection with the case including a Pakistani and a Sri Lankan national.

Police said that more places involved in the drug network are being searched.

Furthermore, police appealed the public to share any information they have regarding the whereabouts of the two wanted persons, and asked to people to contact the police hotline 3322111 or police emergency 119 or police Drug Enforcement Department at 9792498.

On 10 December, police established a 100 day road-map intended to strengthen the work of police and to gain the trust of the people.

The road-map was based on four main strategies which seek to increase and enhance operational activities, conduct activities to curb crime, enhance and hasten investigations, and improve the police institution.


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