One killed, one injured in Male’ stabbing incident

Two young men of 18 and 21 years of age were stabbed last night in an incident that took place near ‘Coffee Corner’ cafe’ in Male’ around 11:37pm, police have reported.

The 21 year old – identified as Hussein Waheed – passed away while being treated for injuries at Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Malé. The other victim of the attack, Shaz Shareef is being treated for injuries at the hospital. Both victims were from the neighborhood in which they were stabbed.

Speaking to Minivan News, a police media official said the force had immediately begun a special operation to find the perpetrators, and said a 26 year old had already been taken into police custody.

While the police declined to give further details about the suspect, in a video message, the head of the MPS Serious and Organized Crime Unit has appealed for public assistance in the investigation.

He requested members of the public to report any information regarding this incident to the Unit’s hotline  9911099 or police numbers 119  and 3322111.

The victim Hussein Waheed was taken into Police custody in April 2011 in a police special operation to reduce crime in the capital, in connection to a stockpile of weapons and drugs found in a Male’ house.

This is the third stabbing reported this month, a 24 year old man was attacked with a sharp object on 22 December in Male’, and on 4 December a 55 year old man was was attacked in Ha. Hoarafushi.

Two people were killed in L. Gan in two separate incidents earlier this year. Ismail Nizar, 31 was killed on 14 July whilst riding on the street, and Mohamed Hassan 54 was attacked in his sleep.

Last year ten people were killed in the Maldives in mostly gang related incidents.


3 thoughts on “One killed, one injured in Male’ stabbing incident”

  1. The almighty MPs will promise heaven and earth, when they plead the constituents to elect them.

    Once elected, they all increase they financial benefit-packages and do NOTHING else.

    All the murders that has been committed recently, has anyone ever been remanded?? NO!

    What a ducked up nation!

  2. they started this operation to reduce crime long time ago, but what increased was crime and decreased was their operation, what a funny maldives

  3. Unfortunate but true.. there is not many ways in which one government can reduce crime.. It is more or less what society has brought upon it self.. All the police or the government can do is put effort to control this..soo it is not entirely appropriate just to blame the police force for not having effective results on their operations..


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