Gayoom’s half-brother Yameen “unconcerned” by other PPM candidates

Presidential prospect MP Abdulla Yameen believes no other candidate is of any concern unless his half-brother, former Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, contests the President Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) primary, local media has reported.

“People contesting in the primary are not of any concern to me. I only have to be wary of President Maumoon. And that is not because he is my brother,” Yameen said to Haveeru.

Yameen’s rival in the primary, PPM Interim Vice President Umar Naseer is facing rumors he will “step aside” for Gayoom’s brother-in-law Ilyas Ibrahim, according to local media.

Umar had said if a more capable candidate decides to contest the primary, he was ready to “step back” or “sideways,” reports local media.

Gayoom will not confirm his intentions to contest the presidential ticket until the final PPM candidates are announced and has maintained he will “not take sides” during the primary.