Government appoints new deputy gender minister

Shidatha Shareef has been appointed Deputy Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights, the President’s Office has today announced.

Shareef’s appointment comes the same month that former Attorney General (AG) Azima Shukoor was made Gender Minister as part of a cabinet reshuffle.

According to the government, the reshuffle was made to support proposed legal reforms concerning the treatment of victims of sexual abuse following the recent high-profile case of a 15 year-old girl charged with fornication.


2 thoughts on “Government appoints new deputy gender minister”

  1. Will this one be another victim-blaming rape-enabler? Maybe someone who thinks that any girl or woman who doesn't mummify herself with an Arab suit, like she does, deserves to be harrassed and raped. Arab brainwashing goes so deep that women force other women to shut themselves in beehive suits and convince girls that sex is a sin and needs punishment (like the Feydhoo girl's counsellor). These women will make excellent candidates for the women's wing of the future Dhivehistani religious police.

  2. Word of the public floggings is getting about via Facebook - expect the Maldive tourist industry to start feeling the squeeze - people with money don't buy into Islamic states that flog people in public. They'll happily take their money elsewhere. I am. The Maldives was on my bucket list It has been deleted - Bali instead.


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