Government should end discrimination between Malé City and other islands, says Malé Mayor

Male’ city Mayor Mohamed Shihab urged the government to end discrimination between Malé City and other islands of Maldives.

Commenting on the government’s policy of taking over council properties including public spaces and parks, Shihab said the only areas that would remain under the council appears to be “the four graveyards and the streets.”

“If they are going to take over lands, they should do that with all councils. In Malé a special permission from the housing ministry is required to construct buildings, but on other islands they can do anything in anyway they want,” Shihab said.

All Maldivian citizens are equal and should be treated as such, Shihab said appealing to the government to refrain from “unconstitutional” discriminations.

“But however things are, as elected representatives of the people we will always remain at their service with whatever resources we have,” he said.