President ratifies sexual offences bill

President Abdulla Yameen has today ratified and gazetted the revised Sexual offences bill.

The initial draft of the bill was proposed by MP for Kulhudhufushi North constituency Mohamed Nasheed in September 2012, and was first passed by the Peoples Majlis in December 2013.

Following its passage Vice President of the Fiqh Academy Dr Mohamed Iyaz Abdul Latheef condemned the bill for its conditional recognition of marital rape as a crime, and called on MPs who voted in favour to repent.

Refusing to ratify the bill stating that version of the bill contained “some provisions that are contrary to Islamic Shariah and Islamic principles” President Yameen returned it to the parliament for reconsideration.

The revised version of the bill was passed by the Majlis last month.

These revisions include an altered article which states marital rape which takes place while there is a pending court case for dissolution of a marriage or divorce will be recognised as a crime.

It has now been amended to specify that, to be applicable, such a case should have “completed all hearings and is in the stage of reaching a verdict”.

The bill which covers a wide range of sexual offences from adultery, homosexuality, and incest to bestiality and necrophilia will come into force on 13 November 2014. The act includes a provision which require it to be revised every five years.


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  1. When MDP tried to have laws passed that made child abuse a crime, the so-called 'religious' people were out on the streets baying for the blood of Navi Pillay.

    Today, they stay at home, drooling over their 100Rf note they got for selling their vote and wondering what sort of foul concoctions they'll spend it on.


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