Government to establish state-owned Hajj group

The government will establish the state-owned Maldives Hajj Corporation Limited following a recommendation by the Cabinet Economic Committee, the President’s Office has confirmed.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed on Thursday (May 16) opted to form the company with 100 percent government shares.

The announcement of the company’s foundation follows recent legal wrangling in the Maldives’ courts over whether the Islamic Ministry should be forced to reevaluate several unsuccessful bids by local Hajj groups wishing to offer pilgrimages.  

The case was filed on the back of concerns at alleged corruption within the current system.

Select Hajj groups are authorised by the government to provide transport and accommodation for pilgrims in Mecca, as well as offering guidance in helping them complete the religious rituals.


3 thoughts on “Government to establish state-owned Hajj group”

  1. Good old Maldivian corruption heading our way. Taking a leaf out of Saudi's book, so a family member of a government offical will be given the title of Haji minister and pocket a vast fortune for allocating pilgrims a licence to attend the Haji. Allocation of licence will depend on what party politics you follow, how much you can afford and what relative you have with government.

  2. Officially declaring and funneling a steady constant stream of money to Saudi Tourism.

    Thats their reward for allocating a minuscule amount of their vast wealth in funding Wahhabism to ignorant, poor, stupid people of the third world.

  3. Andrew, what the hell you talking about ?

    You think that only the people to exist in this world are the followers of you and the all money should only go to west ?

    So narrow minded and no matter how much you hate Muslims, you can not eradicate Muslims on this earth.


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