Former President Nasheed granted Saudi visa for Umra pilgrimage

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has been granted a visa to visit Saudi Arabia to conduct an Umra pilgrimage, reports local media.

The Saudi Embassy in Sri Lanka requested Nasheed ‘hand over’ his passport for visa processing and the request has been forwarded to the former president’s office, said State Foreign Minister Hassan Saeed.

Parliament Speaker Abdulla Shahid and former Attorney General Ahmed Ali Sawad have also been granted visas, according to local media.


6 thoughts on “Former President Nasheed granted Saudi visa for Umra pilgrimage”

  1. If they had any sense Dhivehistanis would boycott this Saudi Las Vegas which funds terrorism worldwide and spreads its imperialist agenda wherever it can. But Dhivehistani minds have been brainwashed by these Arabs and every crumb they throw will be seen as manna from Heaven.

  2. Saudi Arabian religious legacy is going strong despite every rational thought is against their claims.

    They have made lazy progress in their patterns to money influx, bank accounts and war machines, yet their propaganda spread to the 3rd world countries to milk them dry, is based on Bedouin cultures and indescribably stupid beliefs.

    We talk of democracy, human rights, child protection. Etc. These are minor ripples affecting a few millions, compared to the stormy waves of massive deception and extortion of human psyche and inordinate amount of money and material wealth, of billions of people over the centuries, by these Religious scum on earth.

    Hitler, Gengis Khan, Alexander, Polpot etc are children compared the deceptive-conartists.

  3. Anyone who denigrates Islam's two holiest cities - Mecca and Medina - ought to be ashamed of calling themselves Muslims. Perhaps they wud prefer to migrate to the USA who are the biggest warmongers - super terrorists - of this century. They are responsible for over a million Iraqi lives and countless thousands of Afghan lives. I cannot understand why the Saudi's are being labeled terrorists. Talking of human rights - perhaps some people have not heard of Guantanamo Bay.

  4. Andrew Andreas. Just drop a series of nukes on their oil refineries and heroin plantations in Afghanistan, and their power is unmade.

  5. @Ali Rasheed, who said American policy was the standard for human rights? Your beloved Saudi Barbaria is best buddies with United States of Terroristan. Al-Aqsa has been boycotted by Palestinian mullahs because it is under Israeli governance. Just because your precious Makkah and Madinah is under Saudi governance doesn't make them Saudi royalty or their policies sacrosanct. But you sound like an Arabophilic Dhivehistani, so I won't waste my time convincing you any further.

  6. On one hand, Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu-allahiwaSallaam)taught us that there is an ALL POWERFUL God who is the MOST Merciful. Based on that, in times of great pain we can find strength through FAITH in that. We can have the confidence that no matter what stress or pain we go though in life - OUR BEAUTIFUL ALLAH will replace every tear that we have shed with pearls of bliss in JANNAH! On the other hand, Mohammed (SAW) was also a human being. The conventional point of view that he was sinless does not further the cause of Justice, Truth and, ultimately, Islam itself. Such a position forces us to attempt to justify actions which are obviously WRONG with arguments which are simply horrendous.

    There are Modern Muslims which are accepting the human and imperfect nature of our Rasul. The argument is that the idea of a sinless Prophet Mohammed was a later Political Creation, used to solidify and justify power in the Prophet's name.

    Earlier sources do not present the image of a sinless Mohammed. For example, he said himself that he was merely a Servant of Allah, and forbade anyone from exalting him above that. He even said that he Pray's for Allah's Forgiveness over seventy times per day.

    So, as a human being, Prophet Mohammed, with his positive qualities AND his negative qualities (as all human beings have) set out to build a polis based on his Revelation of the nature of God.

    Given that he came from an extremely violent and barbaric society, and sought to impose a Religious Political VISION on that society, the real politic which he was dealt and the fact that he was human caused him to do things which were absolutely horrendous by todays human rights standards. Any human being seeking to create an eventual utopia in such a society would would have done so. He was a politician, and a human, and as all humans are he was driven at times by the dark side of human nature, and at times by the higher side of human nature.

    Having said that, for me, it does not change the fact that Islamic Prayer and Spirituality is beautiful. Its essence is best summarized in the 99 names or attributes of ALLAH. These attributes are Allah. They are the supreme source and measure of all that is beautiful and good. As the epitome of goodness, our task is to strive to replicate these characters in our own characters as much as possible! I pray that ex-president Nasheed's Umrah would be a deeply beautiful spiritual experience for him.

    So, for our Beloved - yet human Prophet's beautiful message, I am deeply greatful to our Beloved NABI, Peace be Upon Him, and I Love Him Dearly.


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