Amnesty to investigate reports of Nazim’s “arbitrary” detention

Amnesty International have announced they will be looking into the detention of former defence minister Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim.

“Amnesty International is investigating reports of arbitrary arrest of former defence minister, Mohamed Nazim, and his detention condition,” tweeted the NGO’s South Asia Specialist Abbas Faiz.

Nazim was arrested on February 10 and remanded in police custody for 15 days on charge related to illegal weapons allegedly discovered in his home on January 18.

A police statement issued the following day claimed to have found documents in a pen drive confiscated from Nazim’s house during a midnight raid on January 18 suggesting he “was plotting to physically harm senior Maldivian state officials.”

“In addition, police intelligence has received information that he was plotting with various parties to overthrow the government,” the statement read.

Nazim’s legal team have claimed that the pistol, ammunition, and explosive device found in the former minister’s home were planted by investigating officers – claims the police have denied.

After his dismissal two days after the police raid, Nazim suggested that no Maldivian could be assured of safety.

Both the president of the religious conservative Adhaalath Party and the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have expressed similar concern in recent days.

“It is very likely that in the near future many others like Nazim will be thrown into jail cells like him,” read a tweet from Sheikh Imran Abdulla yesterday, followed by the ‘justicefornazim’ hashtag.

Similarly, MDP Chairman Ali Waheed told crowds at an opposition rally this weekend that Nazim’s sudden fall was a concern.

“The day before yesterday the defense minister was hailed and deemed trustworthy. Now he is in a jail cell accused of crimes of a magnitude never seen before in Maldives,” said Waheed.

Deputy Leader of the Jumhooree Party Ameen Ibrahim also noted that the public must be 100 percent assured of the former defence minister’s safety.

Last month, Amnesty published a report to be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council which argued that the human rights situation has deteriorated in the Maldives over the past four years.

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  1. where was amnesty when Nasheed arrested Judge Abdulla, President Yameen and Gasim. ?

    I guess when Nasheed commit a crime, constitution and rights of people will be different and he need to stand above our constitution.

  2. That's true.. arresting the judge falls into the enforced disappearance ...which forbids all the laws ..but Minivan did not mention a word... Responsible reporting do not take any-side but neutral.

  3. Poor Hero, reduced to peddling lies about people to earn his daily gram of halaalified heroin.

    Your judge deserves to be arrested. Yaagundaa and gaasim were accused of crimes and were held pending investigation.

    And guess who pulled the accusations on gasim?

    That's right. You people.


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