Immigration Ministry rethinks expatriate insurance amendments

Plans to begin requiring expatriate workers in the Maldives to enrol in medical insurance schemes from the beginning of the year have been delayed the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Haveeru has reported.

According to the paper, foreign workers already within the Maldives will also no longer be required to hold medical insurance by March 2011, due to a number of “requests”.

However, Immigration Controller Ilyas Hussein Ibrahim was quoted as saying that workers wishing to apply for work visas on a first time basis will be required to obtain insurance.  Ibrahim reportedly said that policies for determining whether suitable insurance policies were in place had not been decided upon.

“Because of the announcement, many people have begun insuring. It is something that must be done in the future. But right now only the new foreign workers are required to insure,” he told Haveeru.


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  1. When did immigration became a ministry, as long i know, its still a department ane soon ging to be a independant.


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