Israeli fugitive arrested with fake Maldivian passport

An Israeli fugitive was arrested in Thailand yesterday in possession of a fake Maldivian passport.

Forty-one year-old Levy Ben-David escaped from an Israeli prison in 2000, after being convicted for robbing and murdering the owners of a jewelry shop in Belgium in 1993.

The fake Maldivian passport Ben-David was using to evade authorities was in the name of Dmitry Milevm, according to Thai police, who arrested him in a Bangkok apartment.

An Israeli newspaper reported that Ben-David had married a Thai woman and had two children. He is due to be extradited.


4 thoughts on “Israeli fugitive arrested with fake Maldivian passport”

  1. Yes. Because the first thing you think of when you hear about a Jewish looking man named Dmitry Milevm is 'Maldivian!'

  2. But how is the Thai policeman in Bangkok to know all Maldivian men are called Mohamed, have long beards and hate cucumbers?

  3. How did he manage to get a fake Maldivian passport?
    See look at this these firty jews... They are nothing but dirty pigs.
    And yet our government wants to make ties with them and bring their airline and tourist into our country.


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