DRP’s Thulusdhoo branch threatens to “shift sides” if internal dispute continues

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)’s Thulusdhoo branch has released a statement to the media claiming that supporters of the DRP in Thulusdhoo will “shift sides” if the internal split in the party continues.

‘’We call on former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and DRP Zaeem (honorary leader) to solve the internal dispute within the party,’’ read the statement,signed by the Deputy Head of Thulusdhoo Branch.

The statement acknowledged that DRP supporters were “in turmoil and deeply confused due to the split” and warned that those supporters in Thulusdhoo might have to change sides if the dispute remained unresolved.

‘’The citizens can no longer tolerate watching members leave the party,’’ the DRP branch stated, in reference to the recent defections of several DRP MPs to the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), including Ali Waheed Abdulla Abdu-Raheem. ‘’Consequently it will the ordinary citizens living in the islands that will suffer, due to the unrest and loss of members.’’

The branch added ‘’that as Maumoon was the person who introduced democracy to the Maldives, who led the Maldives for 30 prosperous years and is a person who lives in a democracy, we call on Maumoon to solve the dispute between the leadership democratically.’’

Thulusdhoo is an island with a majority of DRP supporters who voted for the party in the recent local council elections.

Since then, the party has been split after ‘honorary’ leader Gayoom clashed with the party’s leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali over the dismissal of former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer. Gayoom’s supporters have since created a splinter faction they call the Z-DRP, in a move that prompted the defection of several MPs previously loyal to Thasmeen.

DRP MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom said the statement issued by Thulusdhoo’s DRP branch showed that the remaining supporters in the party wished it to be unified.

‘’To do that firstly, everyone in the party must fully respect the party’s charter,’’ Dr Mausoom said. ‘’There are different ways people express concern – some put more effort to solve the dispute, while others leave the party in frustration.’’

He said to uphold democracy in this country a strong, responsible opposition party was needed.

‘’The entire nation believes that the DRP is an opposition party which has to be there to uphold democracy,’’ he said. ‘’Although there are some internal disputes, we will solve them hopefully and by God’s will we will win the 2013 Presidential Elections under Thasmeen’s leadership.’’

Z-DRP spokesperson Ahmed Nihan was unavailable at time of press.


8 thoughts on “DRP’s Thulusdhoo branch threatens to “shift sides” if internal dispute continues”

  1. Its high time Thasmeen does something to stop Zedey et al from snatching DRP away from its lawful leadership. It does not matter whether Thasmeen looses a few votes, but I think Thasmeen should stand up to save DRP.

    It is only obvious that Zedey and his gang are fighting to become DRP's leaders. But they simply cannot do it as long as Thasmeen remains the elected leader.

    So Thasmeen should get rid of the nonsense Z-faction. They simply are becomming too much. Gayyoom may be with them. But, so what? They are not doing it right. I mean in a legitimate manner. They are simply organising a rebellious gang within DRP. I think Zedey and his lot should be struck off the DRP register. Enough is enough.

  2. I blame Maumoon for all this. DRP's Z-faction has gained any support they have because of Maumoon.

    A person like Umar Naseer is able to be such a figure because Maumoon supports him. Why wouldn't he? Umar Naseer seems to be planted in DRP by Maumoon or people from his family.

    Maumoon does not know what democracy is. he does not know that majority rules. he thinks what he says must be the final word on all matters related to this party. This is why he does not respect decisions made by the DRP's council.

    How can he? If he is to become the presidential candidate from DRP, it is important that he become the leader of the party. Otherwise there is no way he can be the candidate from DRP. He can be an independent candidate. But thats a different story. My guess is Maumoon will, in the end, be an independent candidate.

    But Thasmeen is not going to give up without a fight. Not that it will be easy to fight. From what i see, DRP's leadership seems to have very little money. The Z-faction, on the other hand seems well funded.

    It amazes me, though, that such activism is even allowed to go on. The Z-faction is not a legitimate faction. It is also a big joke. It has Maumoon as it s leader and his daughters, sons, son-in-law, nephew, etc, etc in its top posts. Honestly, it is laughable.

    How can Maumoon even think that he can go on with it? It is not only the people who are gettting impatient with this crap. I think MDP was able to transfer DRP MPs to their side because of this crap that is going on within DRP. I am only waiting to see what lies next. One think that i am sure of is, I will be entertained by all this political turmoil, at least until 2013.

  3. Why on earth they call this faction Z-DRP.

    G-DRP is much proper name. G standing for Golhaa.

    Golhaa should be banned from the Maldives and sent to Abottabad, where he can retire like Bin-Man-Laden.

  4. Gay-yoom has an Eye for the THRONE ,......



  5. Only the members of the DRP can decide what direction the party should take. We can express our personal views on whether Qayyoom, Thasmeen or Kelaage Rasheedha are to blame for the split in the DRP.

    However, the point is, the DRP will eventually come to an equilibrium and the ultimate victor will be whoever commands the greater support of the DRP's members.

    Perhaps Qayyoom wishes to come back to power or perhaps not. If the Supreme Court decision on his ability to contest still stands, then legally speaking, there is nothing wrong with him deciding to contest elections.

    If it is morally wrong for Qayyoom to contest and if that would rile up the populace, then what do we have to worry about? He would not get elected if he is such a hated figure would he not? Or is every single politician on the ruling party's podium implying that the Maldivian people do not know what's good for them?

    P.S. - I do not support Qayyoom's candidacy for 2013 (if he truly intends to contest) however, I feel the logic of overreacting to the possibility is somewhat hard to grasp.

  6. How can we expect Thasmeen to win the 2013 presidency. He can't even manage the DRP leadership that he already has.

  7. I think tasmeen is showing all what he has got here: he is not able to show that he can be a leader all by himself. What ever thasmeen does regarding DRP, he wont become the next president because of his merits.

    Anni will decide who the next president is, by failing himself or winning the next election. Like the last election, we have to ask again: who else is there?


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