Jumhooree Party gets two more MPs

MPs Hassan Adil and Abdulla Abdul Raheem, formerly of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP), respectively, have signed for the Jumhooree Party (JP), reports Haveeru.

Adil, who will take his parliamentary seat to a third different party after originally being elected on a Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) ticket, told Haveeru: “I felt that I could best serve the nation through JP. The present strife in MDP leadership was a reason that prompted my decision.”

The former President and Vice President of the MDP left the party last month to join the JP which, after today’s moves, controls six seats in the Majlis.

Abdullah Raheem announced he was to leave the DRP for the second time, following a brief spell with the MDP, two weeks ago. It was suggested that he would join the JP although before today he had not made his intended destination clear.

The party, headed by MP and resort owner Ibrahim Gasim, currently has just over 6000 members. It hopes to have gained 30,000 members before the next elections. This would make it the second largest party in the country.


One thought on “Jumhooree Party gets two more MPs”

  1. It is time we discuss the issue of changing political parties after winning parliamentary seats. It would seems to be fair for an independent MP to sign a to a different party, after the election, as he managed and paid for his campaign. It is not OK, if we see it from the voters angle. The independent candidate was only voted because he does not belong to a party. These voters would then be betrayed if he joins one of the party, whose candidate the voters rejected in the same election. It would then be a very serious issue for a candidate from one of the opposition parties sign to different party after winning the parliament seat. This would be totally unacceptable to the voters who elected him. The voters may withdraw their support if they can do so. This is wrong and never happen in other countries. It is also true that these parliamentarians are paid in millions as reward for signing to a different party. A public and parliamentary discussion should be carried to find a solution to matter.


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