Ameen-Aslam report published in English

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have released an English version of their report detailing the behind-the-scenes actions of the police and security services during the controversial transfer of power of February 7.

The report, produced by former Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam and former National Security Advisor Ameen Faisal, was labelled an “act of terrorism” by the government due to its extensive use of intelligence sources and serving police and MNDF officials.

Chief Superintendent Mohamed Hameed was subsequently arrested, while other police officers who had cooperated with the report were rounded up and detained, and their houses searched.

Police initially denied the allegations of a “witch hunt” and issued a statement accusing the media of “circulating baseless and false reports”. However court warrants for the arrest of Hameed and Staff Sergeant Ahmed Naseer were subsequently leaked.

The report outlines what the MDP government knew of the then-opposition’s plan to topple the government by soliciting “about 500 police officers” to protest in the Republic Square, that led to former President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation “under duress” on February 7.

The report alleged that in September 2011 council members of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) met with a retired Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) warrant officer (grade one), a retired brigadier general and a retired deputy police commissioner at the apartment of PPM council member Ahmed ‘Mars’ Saleem to discuss ways to topple the government.

At the meeting, the report stated, the retired warrant officer proposed that “the only way to change President Nasheed’s government” was for “about 500 police officers to come out and protest at the Republic Square”.

“During these discussions, when the retired deputy police commissioner gave assurances that it could be done, PPM interim deputy leader Umar Naseer raised doubts [about the possibility],” the report claimed.

However, following extensive discussions, “it was decided that work would begin on creating an atmosphere for [a police-led protest at Republic square].”

The report further claimed that the “December 23 coalition” of eight political parties and affiliated NGOs – which staged a mega-protest to “Defend Islam” from the alleged “securalisation agenda” of President Nasheed – was formed as a result of “a lengthy discussion” at the Adhaalath Party office between a prominent religious scholar and the aforementioned warrant officer.

The ‘mega-protest’ was meanwhile primarily funded by Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader and tycoon MP Gasim Ibrahim, the report claimed.

The party also released an English version of former MDP Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi’s list of criminal charges against President Mohamed Waheed.

Download the Ameen-Aslam Report (English)


13 thoughts on “Ameen-Aslam report published in English”

  1. Good, the whole world can judge this illegal coup regime now!!! They will not believe what they read!!!

  2. the whole world will know this report was produced by two thugs from the dictator and the dictator creditability within the international community will get reduced

  3. oh god!i'm too embarrassed to write a comment about this's fit for a kid as it's full of imagination and fantasy. and my god! who the hell gave the authority to this fat ameen faisal to write a book about our police force and military. was'nt he a part of november 3rd 1988 as i've heard and read.he can write a book on a terrorist attack which he and his anni cronies planned on the maldivian people and which our brave soldiers fought and won.

  4. AND in this silly book it says that a certain staff sergeant ordered 'the' president (who apparently claimed that he will menacingly reign over the maldivians for 500 years )to resign. how can a staff sergeant order the president and even if he did the president need not become the biggest coward of the nation.wasn't he the one claiminfg to be the madela of Asia. silly and utter nonsense as could be!

  5. @ Shimmy

    All that is evident from your comment about this book is that you are a part and parcel of the coup that was being brought about!

    Be patriotic for a day in your life and do justice to yourself!

  6. @mode & Shimmy

    you guys are blind to accept that the police and mndf acted within the relevant laws, regulations and ethical standards they are required to follow and respect. Its OK to hate Anni and his fast pace development programmes. But you can't deny the obvious fact.

  7. of course we are not denying . It is obvious that Anni tried to bring a coup himself on 6th which he failed.

    You think that what happened on 6th night at artificial beach was right instruction given by Anni ? He tried to create a havoc on that night and create a scene to show that law and order was gone with the wind and then declare marshal law in this country which he failed.

    there are many evidence to prove that the dictator had tried to bring a cue on 6th Feb. which he failed and then ultimately he had no choice but to become victim of his own planned cue.

  8. mode since when did you saw that news about the 6th ? on the 7th morning or today ?

  9. m not saying that what happened on 7th feb was ok but how can we become patriotic about this situation when the biggest terrorist of the country (luthufy and others)were released under the order by dimbulb anni.thus proves that anni also was a part of the 1988 attack, otherwise he would not have done this, and by the way Patriot, you can change your name to expatriot and you need not ask anyone to be patriotic.

  10. and the comment was referring to the 1988 attack on our soldiers which they fought and won.PEACE

  11. LOL, you blind yellow fever guy will not see anything happened prior 7th Feb.

    Open your eyes and listen and hear what had happened during the dictator time and specially between 5th and 6th of Feb. 2012.

    These MDP thugs want the power and rob this country and you may never get this chance ever as long as the dictator rule your party. But if you can find another decent person to lead you all, you will win but not with the dictator.

  12. Coup leaders & who support them cant digest any of these report even CoNI report... Cox who will agree that he or she did mistake??? this is world not Judgment day when we said a lie that's our parts wont give the truth of wot really happens...

  13. already dictator maumoon said that he is not ready to accept that if CoNI report says that its a coup..& many officers has being fired from job WHY? definitely there is some thing behind this..


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