Local NGO sues BML over inability to withdraw dollars

A local NGO hosted in Naifaru of Lhaviyani Atoll has sued the Bank of Maldives, after the bank declined to issue dollars stored in the NGO’s dollar account with the bank.

Local newspaper SunFM reported that the NGO filed the suit in Naifaru Court, and claimed that the money was aid granted by foreign parties. The NGO said it was suffering major losses and an inability to function because the bank was declining to issue the dollars.

The paper reported that the NGO had requested Naifaru Court order the bank to release the money.


One thought on “Local NGO sues BML over inability to withdraw dollars”

  1. These fellows need the Dollar to eat ?

    Bank will give local currency of Maldivian Ruffiya, it can use to buy goods/services in the Maldives.

    Most of the countries Dollar will not issue, bank will give only local curreny if your taking dollar account. u look Inida.

    These fellows are mad ?


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