Police seeks public assistance in locating man who robbed a house and attacked a minor before fleeing

Police have asked for public assistance in locating a person identified as Mohamed Jinah, 27 from the island of Naifaru in Lhaviyani Atoll, who is accused of robbery and attacking a minor.

The police did not disclose further information on the case but said that police will provide security for anyone who can provide information regarding the whereabouts of the person.

Police asked anyone with any information regarding the person to contact police hotline 3322111 or police family and child protection department 9790163 or police emergency hotline 119.


One thought on “Police seeks public assistance in locating man who robbed a house and attacked a minor before fleeing”

  1. When minors are injured by these gangsters, this already distressing gangster situation has become a lot more serious.

    Children are sacred.

    My first instinct was to want his blood. But then, I felt that my own humanity was drowning in the fiery abyss of the grief that I feel when children are hurt. It's natural. But the minor was not killed, thankfully, the minor will be ok, so it is not right to want to KILL this Jinah character. But, he must be made to feel the devastating gravity of his own selfishness upon his own head. My whole hippy philosophy has its limits - harming children is crossing the line!

    I too am only human.

    A few years hard labor, with intensive counseling, then I could forgive this guy for harming a child, until then, he needs to be taught a lesson.

    But, the Government has to get control of this situation of gangsters, because if more children are hurt, Maldivian humanity - my own humanity will sink even deeper into the realm of the jungle - blood for blood, dog eat dog. Everybody's blood will be considered a worthy sacrifice to the only thing we would still consider sacred - our own LUST!


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