Majlis amendments against Constitution and convention: President Nasheed

Under the Constitution and conventions, the President has the power to seek nominations to the Civil Service Commission and submit nominations to the Majlis, said President Nasheed in his weekly radio address. Making nominations for the commission to the Majlis was not its legal role, said the President, and he was returning amendments to the Civil Service Act to the Majlis for reconsideration.

The power of the President to seek and receive nominations to the commission, and select applicants, is removed under an amendment to Article 13 of the Act passed by the Majlis on 22 June. This power would be taken by the Majlis, and the President would have to appoint whoever they selected. The President would not have power of approval, unlike the power of approval given to the Majlis under the original Act.

A secret ballot would be used by the Majlis to appoint the chairperson and deputy chairperson of the commission under an amendment to Article 17 of the Act.

The Majlis would have the power to dismiss members of the commission if their actions are “inappropriate”, or if they are unable or incapable of fulfilling their duties in the view of the Majlis, according to an amendment to Article 15 of the Civil Service Act.


One thought on “Majlis amendments against Constitution and convention: President Nasheed”

  1. Who would have better experienced the ill effects of concentration of powers in the hands of a single person, than the People of Maldives. Whilst we should not be making ill remarks at Presidents that have serverd and died or gone, It is imparative that reference be made to their high handedness and abuse of power and justice.
    Mohamed Nasheed is proved himself as just another Maldivian President. This is a unique quality of all Maldivians. They want to bend and twist the rules to suit their own convience. They are more inclined to believe that they have devine rights. Do what they want to and get away with it. More simply put, they believe for them it should be "Kun fa yakun" Be and it is.

    Powers vested in the Parliament is safer for us as citizens. It is our duty to appoint many clean and just representatives. In time to come there will not be Yaameens and Gasims. But there will be more decient and sensible persons who dedicate their time to serviing their electors. Put if we concentrate power in the hands of the Presient, every President who come in time will be a Maumoon or a Nasir. They are those who killed to secure their positions. Shame on them. and now Shame on you Nasheed.
    The President is not a man who's got to necesarily make local appointees and appoint secretarial staff for the Civil Service Commission. You can do you job even without pinching their asses. If you are seeking to enforce on them you are seeking absoluteness, and is not different.


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