Maldives facing biggest challenge to its constitution: President Nasheed

Maldives is facing its biggest challenge in implementing the constitution, said President Nasheed in his weekly radio address, and “We should face this hurdle with aptitude, patience and wisdom.”

Referring to the circumstances surrounding the mass resignation of his cabinet on Tuesday, the president said they resigned in protest at the behaviour of members of the Majlis who they claimed were “hijacking” the powers of the executive and making it impossible for cabinet ministers to function.

The cabinet ministers alleged that MPs’ votes at the Majlis were influenced by bribery.

These allegations must be investigated, the president said, and an investigation was underway and people were being arrested.

The president said the constitution should be upheld to achieve the development the country wanted, and for the benefit of future generations.

Everything we do today to shape the future should depend on the lessons learnt from the history of this country, he said.


3 thoughts on “Maldives facing biggest challenge to its constitution: President Nasheed”

  1. The president is NUTS. eos.
    He should resign and go home, let a more capable person do the job.

  2. @KA: Anyone who is qualified to understand and effectively use negotiating and bargaining to bring the opposing parties to consensus. His hard-headedness is well-proving to be his demise.


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