Majlis undermining executive power: Eva Abdulla

The Majlis is undermining the constitutional powers of the executive branch, said MDP MP for Galolhu Uthuru, Eva Abdulla, during yesterday’s Majlis session.

Abdulla gave examples from draft amendments to the Civil Service Act, the Public Finance Act, the Police Act and the newly proposed Atolls Capital bill, which she said were designed to narrow policy options for the executive branch. She condemned the amendments and the new bill. The mandate of the Majlis is to make independent institutions responsible, said Abdulla, but it is now attempting to manage those institutions.

Last week, the Civil Service Act was amended to make Civil Service Commission appointments through the Majlis, which also rejected the government proposed amendments to the Decentralisation Act, and passed a law mandating a change of island capitals on Shaviyani and Kaafu atolls.

Maria Ahmed Didi, MDP chairperson, has said that the encroachments by the Majlis were unconstitutional, and the MDP has claimed that the aim of such amendments and laws was to stop the government’s development projects. However, the DRP has said the amendments and new bills were designed to make government more accountable.