Maldives cabinet marks 80th anniversary

The Maldivian cabinet marked its 80th anniversary yesterday (December 22).

Formed in 1932, the first cabinet portfolios included a total of twelve ministries, including the prime minister’s office, the defence ministry and justice ministry, the President’s Office has said.

In the last 80 years, the Maldives’ cabinet has been led by by Prime Minister Mohamed Fareed, Foreign Minister Hassan Fareed, Prime Minister Mohamed Ameen, Prime Minister Ibrahim Faamdheyri Kilegefaanu, Ibrahim Nasir as Prime Minster and then President, Prime Minister Ahmed Zaki, President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President Mohamed Nasheed and President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

According to the President’s Office, notable cabinet figures in the Maldives political history include include Mohamed Amin Didi, who was the youngest ever cabinet minister at 22.

Meanwhile, former President Gayoom was noted as the longest serving cabinet minister,while Moomina Haleem was the first female cabinet minister appointed as Minister of Health on January 6, 1977.


2 thoughts on “Maldives cabinet marks 80th anniversary”

  1. Normally, it is with pride that one announces these things.

    However, when I see that pure junk that now makes our cabinet, the raw s&*t that comes out of our parliament, i bow down in shame.

    To acknowledge the current situation is the outcome after 80 years of experience, is shameful to say the least.

    I sincerely would ask not to put too much stress on the age of our cabinet.


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