Maldives signs aviation agreement with Bangladesh

The Maldives has signed an agreement with Bangladesh to expand aviation links between the two countries.

Head of the Maldives’ Civil Aviation Authority (CVA) Hussain Jaleel signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chairman of Bangladesh’s Civil Aviation Authority, Air vice Marshall Mahmoud Hussain.

“Under this Memorandum of Understanding airlines operating between both countries under the agreement can make 14 flight operations per week,” the CVA said in a statement.

“It allows airlines to make either Colombo or Chennai their third destination with consent to carry cargo and passengers from these two destinations as well. Cargo flight operators are also entitled to the same privileges under the agreement.”


One thought on “Maldives signs aviation agreement with Bangladesh”

  1. I wish Minivan would verify the facts before they publish.
    Hussein Jaleel is the CEO of Maldives Civil Aviation Authority and the cargo flights have no limits to the the frequencies they operate.


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