Police arrest Bangladeshi man following raid of Thinadhoo restaurant

Police have arrested a 30 year-old Bangladeshi national in connection with the discovery of a large quantity of illegal narcotics stashed inside a restaurant on Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

According to police, the restaurant was raided as part of an ongoing special operation to prepare the island for the upcoming presidential elections.

Police said the Bangladeshi man was arrested on June 23 inside a house on the island.

During the raid of the restaurant, police discovered 36 bullet sized packets of illegal drugs, three empty film cans containing illegal drugs, 15 rubber packets and a small plastic bag containing illegal drugs.

The raid on the restaurant was a joint operation conducted by the Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Special Operations (SO), police intelligence and Thinadhoo police station.

Earlier this week, police issued a statement announcing a decision to station officers of the Special Operations (SO) command on Thinadhoo.

A police spokesperson who declined to be named told Minivan News the Bangladeshi man was still in police custody.

“We have not arrested anyone else in connection with the case,” the spokesperson said.


4 thoughts on “Police arrest Bangladeshi man following raid of Thinadhoo restaurant”

  1. This sounds like a set up.
    Everybody knows that Maldivians are the biggest drug addicts in South Asia, with at least one junkie per family...........and yet your police manage to arrest a Bangladeshi man with a stash of illegal narcotics.
    Poor man, I bet he was trafficked into Maldives and has had his passport confiscated by some thuggish employer.....as is the usual practice in Maldives.

  2. The entire drug is smuggled from India ?

    Miss India., you can keep on writing bad about this cow try and you cow worshipper still earning moony from this country and you have no other means to earn any money .

    You better get loss from this place and die without having food in your own country , cause you won't be able to get a decent job in your home country among billions of people.

  3. @ Kuribee
    Seems you haven't had your fix of brown sugar today, are your hands still shaking sweetie?
    Maldives, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco and Yemen all have serious problems with drug abuse and the source of the drugs is Afghanistan you retard and not India. Your dumb statements reflect the poor quality of your education.
    India has a very small problem with intravenous drug use given our vast population.....our drug rehab centres are not overflowing with junkies like yours either.

  4. and who is the employer of this bangladeshi national and the owner of the restaurant?might be the real pusher.


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