Maldives signs education MOU with Australia

Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Maldivian authorities to offer assistance in the field of education, local media has reported.

Edward Archibald, Counsellor from the Development Cooperation of AusAid, signed the agreement on behalf of the Australian government.

The agreement will involve Maldivian teachers receiving training from their Australian counterparts.

At the signing ceremony, Archibald highlighted the pre-existing links between the two countries in this sector – noting that 33 Maldivian were studying in Australia at the end of last year.

AusAid, Australia’s overseas aid department, announced its contribution of AUS$1million to the Maldives’ Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF).


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  1. And still some members of your government will call for withdrawal from the Commonwealth declaring they don't want their assistance. The reason, they don't want educated people to have a mind of their own to challange a right for a better country.


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