Man commits suicide inside Jumhooree Party campaign office

Police have this morning discovered the dead body of a Maldivian man inside Jumhooree Party (JP) campaign office on Lonuziyarai Magu next to Ameer Ahmed School in Henveiru.

People gathered in the area as police searched the place for objects related to the incident, telling local newspapers that the body was discovered this morning at about 8:30am.

According to people living in the area it was the body of a 27 year-old man.

The JP office in Lonuziyarai Magu was opened before the first round of presidential elections held in September since it closed for the elections first round no political activities have been carried out in the place.

The campaign office, which has no roof or door and is open for anyone to enter, was used by drug addicts living in the area after the JP stopped conducting political activities in the area, according to local newspapers.

The police spokesperson did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

However, police have told the local newspaper that the case was reported to police by the girlfriend of the man this morning at 8:30am and that his girlfriend told the police that he had recently told her that he would commit suicide.

Local newspapers also reported that the police had arrested his girlfriend.