Vandals attack campaign offices of Majlis speaker

Speaker of the People’s Majlis and MP for Keyodhoo constituency Abdulla Shahid has today condemned an attack on his office, following the news that two campaign offices had been vandalised in the early hours of the morning.

“It was more than damage, it was an attempt to intimidate,” Shahid told Minivan News, declaring that he “would not back down” in the face of “intimidation”.

Police have confirmed that two attacks that took place in the early hours of this morning (March 13).

Speaking with Minivan News, Shahid confirmed that he was awoken at around 4am by supporters saying that there had “been some damage to the office”.

“It looked like it had been a big piece of rock damaging the class panel, and caused considerable damage,” explained Shahid.

A police statement reveals that as well as vandalism carried out at Shahid’s campaign hall, the campaign offices of Machchangoalhi Dhekunu constituency candidate Hassan Mamdhooh.

Shahid is campaigning for the 18th Majlis on a Maldivian Democratic Party ticket, while Mamdhooh is running as an independent.

The police said they are investigating the matter, but that no suspects have been arrested.

Shahid suggested that the perpetrators were intending to “intimidate the public. They want to send a message to the people that politics is violent, politics is not safe, a message to the public to lay off politics.”

Earlier this week, Shahid’s name appeared on a letter sent to the chief justice and attorney general, stating that the recent dismissal of the president and vice president of the Elections Commission (EC) was contrary to the constitutional procedures which reserved such powers for the Majlis.

The letter – also signed by Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim – was based on legal advice from the parliament’s consul general after an analysis of the Supreme Court’s verdict.

Currently, the vacant seats in the EC are being filled in an effort to keep the parliamentary elections timely. So far, parliament has approved Ismail Habeeb Abdul Raheem to replace former commission member Ibrahim ‘Ogaru’ Waheed.

When asked about the parliamentary elections, Shahid remarked: “I’m hoping against hope that it will happen,”  adding that any more delays in the elections “will destroy the democratic process of the country”.

He finished by stating that the political system will only work when there is a “peaceful environment” in which it can flourish.


Man commits suicide inside Jumhooree Party campaign office

Police have this morning discovered the dead body of a Maldivian man inside Jumhooree Party (JP) campaign office on Lonuziyarai Magu next to Ameer Ahmed School in Henveiru.

People gathered in the area as police searched the place for objects related to the incident, telling local newspapers that the body was discovered this morning at about 8:30am.

According to people living in the area it was the body of a 27 year-old man.

The JP office in Lonuziyarai Magu was opened before the first round of presidential elections held in September since it closed for the elections first round no political activities have been carried out in the place.

The campaign office, which has no roof or door and is open for anyone to enter, was used by drug addicts living in the area after the JP stopped conducting political activities in the area, according to local newspapers.

The police spokesperson did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

However, police have told the local newspaper that the case was reported to police by the girlfriend of the man this morning at 8:30am and that his girlfriend told the police that he had recently told her that he would commit suicide.

Local newspapers also reported that the police had arrested his girlfriend.


Umar Naseer opens ‘Command Centre’ campaign office

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential primary candidate Umar Naseer has officially opened his campaign office in Male’.

Speaking at the official opening of the ‘Command Centre’ on Monday night (March 26), Naseer claimed that the strongest and the most experienced politicians in the country supported him and that he has the support of many PPM members on the Atolls, local media reported.

The campaign office is located in the Files building near Kalaafaanu School in the Heniveru ward of Male’. Naseer dubbed the office his ‘Command Centre’.