Man stabbed in Sea House cafe

A 24-year-old man sitting by himself in Sea House Cafe, a popular venue for both locals and tourists above the Hulhumale ferry terminal, was stabbed at midnight on Monday.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told newspaper Haveeru that a group of men came to the cafe at around 1.23am and stabbed the man in two places.

Haveeru reported an eyewitness as claiming that a group of men followed the man into the cafe and chased him outside.

“Presumably they had some sort of quarrel,” the witness told Haveeru.

Restaurant staff saw the  bleeding and sent the man to the hospital, the witness added.

Shiyam confirmed the man was discharged from ADK Hospital after treatment.


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  1. Stabbing, killings is now so common, some shops are now labeling their tools displays as 'best / easiest stabbing knifes', 'cheapest / smallest gutter'.

    Its no longer news!


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