Three injured, one dead in stabbing attacks

One person is dead and three were injured following a series of stabbings in the Maldives capital Male’ last night.

A 21 year-old man, identified as Abdul Muheeth of G. Veyru, was rushed to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) after he was stabbed at 1:45am near the Finance Ministry building. He later died during treatment.

A second victim, a 43 year-old man, was also attacked at 1:45am by two men on a motorcycle.

A 17 year-old man was also seriously injured after he was stabbed at 7:40pm, and is being treated in IGMH.

The fourth stabbing victim was a Sri Lankan man who was also attacked by two men on a motorcycle.

“Police are trying to find out how this happened,” said Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

“There have been no serious stabbings for a long time and all of a sudden this happened in one night. We are trying to determine the motive behind it.”

A spate of stabbings in early 2011 that resulted in the deaths of several young men were blamed by police on gang related activity. Following a police crackdown, relatively few violent attacks were reported for the remainder of the year.

Shiyam said it was too early for police to determine if last night’s stabbings were gang related, or connected to the ongoing political turmoil in the country.

No arrests have been made so far, although police have seized a motorcycle in connection with the investigation, reports local media.


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  1. Oh yes!
    It is "too early for police to determine if last night’s stabbings were gang related, or connected to the ongoing political turmoil in the country."

    Who is going to be the scape goat?

  2. Innalillahi wa innalillahi raji'un.

    Very sad news. Nothing more to say on this.May justice prevail.

    The country should be blind if you decide to ignore what's happening. Pointless to point fingers who s responsible. Its in the Maldivians' hands to change their destiny.

  3. Alhaa nulhaa . Evaaniy ' Dhevanah Furusathugeh Kudin' kohlah kah. Eh kudin boahamah Jahsaalan kohlih Kahmahkah.

  4. Time citizens take note, it likely is 'Psychotic behavior' looming at large and abundant across once calm and always natural "Flower of the Indies." - no more.

  5. what are we heading t0? and now expats are being victims! lets not forget that we have many friends and relatives in sri lanka who are safe and secured.

  6. Any third world country in political turmoil will always have organized violence from whichever side.
    To me it is with no doubt the extreme supporters of various parties within the ruling government are out to cause fear among people.
    Gayoom managed three decades of easy rule simply because he instilled fear among the public. Gadafi was no different, neither is the present government.
    The so called 'drug addicts' have been accepted back into society, many offered skill training and are out there working hard. President Nasheed offered them this olive branch, brought them from the dark and made many, productive citizens.

    Do you think the stabbings yesterday were a sign of gang violence irrupting again? No way. People have been paid, given drugs and alcohol and let loose to cause havoc among ordinary people hoping to put blame on MDP rallies. Lets wait and see. I bet the police will never find the murderers.

    There is enough alcohol and drugs in police custody that is actually being distributed in Male. Its not only a big business, but a weapon that can be used to wake up the terror dogs.

    People, people, people, our brothers and sisters in Syria, Egypt,Tunisia, Palestine are shedding blood for the better future. The boy and the girl (Colombo) who died, those who were stabbed, those who were beaten like animals shall remain icons to the fight to restore justice and democracy. Their sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

    We have had 3 years of no brutality, tortures and 98% in crime reduction. We have health care benefits, many of us with hopes of getting an apartment, transport is better, islands are bigger, basic utilities provided to nearly all islands...and people are living a better life. What is wrong that triggered the mutiny?
    Religion? - those who used it commit evils in the dark, enslave women, abuse children and brainwash the old
    Alcohol/drugs?- many of the people who were demonstrating for days against MDP govt.and some who were screaming their voices loud..are actually regular users, and customers to clubs in KL and Bangkok, whether in uniform or civilian we know them...hypocytes running to mosques yet evil in the dark!
    Money? - President Nasheed never touched a penny of the government as Gayoom did.

    Its up to you to make up your mind. Dont let them decide your fate. We need fresh elections immediately!

  7. Very sad news. How shameful to stab unarmed innocent persons! Waiting impatiently to see the police doing the justice by bringinging the culprits before the law.

  8. great!!! keep stabbing innocent people great Maldivian hospitality and police is always silent they can only hammer rioters and show there skills when things like this happens they are so silent and every thing is under investigation and news will die down and unsolved filing

  9. I can't believe that this thing really happen in Maldives. We are far away from our country, family and working here in Paradise. But this paradise turned to hell ..we don't feel secure working in Maldives now..esp in Male....this is really sad news indeed.... can you imagine the family that lost their young son last night....??? Why is like will totally affect the Tourism and economy of the country,,,Oh God..

  10. the 21 year old man you are talking about is a 19year old boy,who had just gone out for a cup of coffee with a innocent,quite&a very nice young man who had never hurt anyone or ever said a harsh word in his young life.he was brought up in india and came to maldives just recently&he didn't know anything about these gang fights,drugs and all that..but yes,he did go to support mdp on the 17th at the peaceful protest.. He was stabbed nine times,on his chest,head ,everywhere where they could lay their hands on.Another young life lost,another precious son lost to a loving family in the hands of dirty thugs used by opposition political parties for their own gain.Gangs of Maumoon abdul qayyoom's brother yameen to create unrest&terror in Male'.These thugs who are constantly being released by weak judges like judge abdulla who is Yameen,Maumoon's puppet.

    There will be no justice in this country as long as people like Yaameen,judge Abdulla,corrupt businessman live to corrupt this country.

    I know the family who lost their son last night&I know that boy.It is heartbreaking to see them.And it's not the first time it's happening in this country.

    Someone must soon reform the legal system of this country before all the families lose their children to the thugs who have no conscience or no fear of God Almighty..The corrupt judges should all be done away with&all those influencing the legal system unjustly should be kept away.

    It is such a torture to see innocent lives being lost this way.

  11. i think we need to make way for every one to learn how to defend themselves from weapons & unexpected threats in this society...not a single time police are able to save these poor innocent beings being mercilessly helplessly defenselessly murdered by the ignorant unloving personalities fro various sick reasons god knows why. Isnt it time we should build a martial arts university to teach the kids & whoever want to learn self defense & defense from various types of lethal weapons so at least they have a chance of survival before police can come & take their dead body & inform the public the murder case is under investigation & thats the end of the story from there. dont the public have the right to know the truth! this old way of journalism must go away & make new way for the truthful freedom of honest & responsible journalism.good day to you all my loving fellow human beings.


  13. I am a foreigner and I was attacked. It wasnt as sad and serious as the victims on Saturday but it was scary enough! LETS END THIS VIOLENCE!

  14. I don't understand why they r lying abt his age??? hes not 21! all the media ppl saying 21 :s somethings wrong..
    what 'aa' commented here is the truth..

  15. blame islam for this, blame the shari'a for this too. thats what you all are best doing.


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