Mandhu College urges students to proceed as normal despite eviction notice

Mandhu College is urging its students to proceed as normal with their studies despite an eviction notice from the Ministry of Education giving the college 15 days to vacate the premises.

In a press statement, the college said that it has been contacted by concerned students believing that college operations might come to a halt after the “Ministry of Education provided not entirely accurate information to the media”.

“We urge the students to be patient, and to support the college management at this time,” read the press statement.

Yesterday, State Minister of Education Dr Abdulla Nazeer told Minivan News that the college was handed the notice as it was operating in violation of the agreement made with the government.

“The building was initially given to Malé English School (MES) in to operate a school. In 2008, the contract was renewed and MES signed a third party agreement with Mandhu College who then started using the building to run a college,” said Dr Nazeer.

Nazeer said that a separate letter was sent to Mandhu College inviting it to engage in negotiations with the government regarding the interest of students currently studying at the college.