MDP calls for disciplinary action against “elements within police”

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has condemned the mistreatment of minors arrested by police in their ongoing special operation to curb unrest and violence in the capital.

A press release issued by the party yesterday states that the party received numerous complaints from parents and members of the public alleging that the boys taken into custody were not fed for over 12 hours, blindfolded and beaten, and had their hair forcibly shaved off.

The statement expresses concern that the unlawful actions of “elements within the police” could undermine growing public support and approval won by the Maldives Police Service for its successes in combating crime and drug abuse.

The party called on the Police Integrity Commission to investigate the complaints and take “immediate action” against the police officers accused of custodial beatings.


5 thoughts on “MDP calls for disciplinary action against “elements within police””

  1. MDP showing act and trying to excape and blaming police. All these activities behind is Reko Moosa leading MDP. Police must arrest Rakes Moosa.

  2. ANOTHER DECOY!!! ... this is malicious harassment of innocent boys in order to distract the public from political detainees ... The Police are willingly making themselves the sacrificial lamb, just as MDP Parliamentarian, Thimarafushi Musthafa did only yesterday. The same people who have been demanding arbitrary arrest of opposition political figures at their rallies day-in-day-out, forming their own courts and threatening to bring out lynch mobs are now projecting themselves as upholders of fundamental human rights and democratic principles. WHO RE WE KIDDING?

  3. yesterday president said on a live interview that everyone is arrested at his order! Stop playing games with the helpless people.

  4. Just because someone is trying to bring a good rule for the people of Maldives after decades, keep doing everything in your hands to make him a devil. President Nasheed has been very patient for almost 2 years. But what he forgot is that DRP and its goons will always be the bloody same things.

    DRP has its goons are every where. Police, MNDF, Parliament, Judiciary, Anti-Corruption Comitee. You name it, sure you'll find them.


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