MDP vows to deadlock parliament until government sets deadline for early election

Former President Mohamed Nasheed on Monday morning said the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) will deadlock parliament until the government sets a date for an early presidential election.

Nasheed addressed the people gathered at the party’s ongoing rally near the tsunami monument, and said that it was necessary that the government set a date that no later than the end of this year, in line with recommendations by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group.

Nasheed said that setting a date after opening the parliament was not wise, and that the increase in political friction would not solve the issue.


2 thoughts on “MDP vows to deadlock parliament until government sets deadline for early election”

  1. Dear Countrymen & Countrywomen,


    It’s with great sadness that we observe the present general malaise that’s sweeping our country. Day after day we are seeing violence being planned, violence being executed & the consequences of this violence. It’s time that we as a people sit down and take stock of things and say to ourselves that we are Muslims and so desist from violence.

    Party politics has been introduced in the Maldives and is here to stay.

    We must recognise that party politics has a natural history to it that has to run its course and the starting point is divisive politics and that with it comes incitement to violence, actual violence and sadly blood-shed and actual loss of life and limb. This is a system where at the outset there are diverging viewpoints and these viewpoints compete with each other to dominate all others & impose ones viewpoints on all. The very nature of things guarantees at its worst violence and its best suppression.

    It can be described in its most basic form as the rule of the jungle put in other words the survival of the fittest. There is no room for weaklings who buckle under pressure and when that does happen there is grave risk of possession of the weakling, leading to utter chaos & gory requiring nothing but an accomplished EXCORSIST!

    In this system the one with the most amounts of thugs, guns or organisation prevails. Over the years things have evolved and money and influence replaced muscle and brawn. IN WHATEVER FORM A FEW IMPOSED THEIR WILL ON THE MANY AND MEGA MONEY MEGA MEDIA COMBINED TO DECEIVE THE MANY INTO THINKING THAT THE INTERESTS OF THE FEW WAS INDEED THE WILL OF THE MANY.
    We can call it the art of” andhun alhuvun”.

    As time passed the blood shed was averted by pre-agreed periodical free for all use of words, slander and mega media and most often the person who vanquished all was he who had amassed the greatest riches, organisation and media. The ultimate development being that a few mega rich; call it what you may – mafia, multi-national corporations grown rich over the years on the misery of countless millions end up pulling the strings of the puppets they crafted, who then dutifully look after their “master’s” interests when in high office.

    Maldives up until now lost in the Indian Ocean with its miniscule population and perceived scarce resources was not worth the thought. For some reason Maldives has now come up on the radar.

    It’s always an art to fathom who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer and it looks like that in Maldives it’s no different.

    In the light of all this President Gayoom, President Nasheed or President Waheed are all perhaps 3 sides of the same miserable prism. The technocrats who serve them are ONLY just that. They are so to say the hired hand doing a job that at the end of the day makes life easier for everybody. To hinder them my friends is like Cutting off the nose to spite the face.

    You should be mature enough to understand by now that there is no such thing as Maumoon’s man or Wahid’s man or Nasheed’s man. They are all just like a bottle on a shelf …. If you fix a label today as Vittel mineral water, or tomorrow as Mont Blanc mineral water or the day after as Matya Pradesh special water, at the end of the day it is nothing but water – that is as far as you and I are concerned. We cannot survive without drinking water, and it’s just to be wicked – all plain old tap water!

    If THEY try to make out to you that Vittel water is from a well 1000000 feet below or that Mont Blanc water is the only water that uses infra-red tech or that only Matya Pradesh is from water from Mars – It really is your problem and a slur on your God given intelligence that you buy that hog wash and try to barter the idea here and there.

    So dear brothers and sisters it’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and tell them all to roll it up and say loud and clear “ ……….”

    Brothers and sisters violence and bloodshed is the playthings of Iblis. Whoever is asking you to resort to violence and blood, and egging you on to mayhem & risk of shedding blood, loss of life and limb; must also be from Iblis. If we have a problem this land of ours has its courts, let’s take it there. If you don’t have a case to go to the courts then lets just shut up and wait until the next SCHEDULED diabolic TAMASHA.

    Let’s tell the goons ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – NOT IN OUR NAMES!

    For God’s sake do not make a complex situation still worst. Do not stir up the fires lit by ours or somebody’s desperation. MALDIVES DESERVES BETTER OF ITS SONS AND DAUGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you think there is a case here and merits consideration then please pass it on. For the sake of our children and their children & their children’s children we can ill afford to let Maldives burn. This is a plea to “STOP MALDIVES BURNING”. Those who can, its time to stand up and say PLEASE STOP! NOT ONE MORE DROP OF BLOOD SHED! NOT ONE MORE CURSE! JUST PEACE! PLEASE O PLEASE!


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