Military dismisses alleged planner of Afrasheem murder

The Maldives National Defence force (MNDF) has dismissed Corporal Azleef Rauf over his alleged involvement in planning the murder of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali.

Azleef was dismissed for “disorderly conduct”, as well as “repeated actions that would harm the reputation and dignity of the armed forces”, according to the MNDF.

Azleef was arrested in relation to the Afrasheem murder case on May 23, and during a recent court hearing to extend his detention period, police accused him of terrorism, intimidation, gang crimes, operation of gangs, and using gangs to plan crimes, according to local media.

The prime suspect in the Afrasheem case, Hussain Humam Ahmed, accused Azleef of planning the murder of the MP during a recent Criminal Court hearing.

Additionally, Azleef was also previously apprehended for mugging, according to local media.