President meets Commonwealth special envoy, US ambassador in Male’ yesterday

The Commonwealth Secretary General’s special envoy Sir Donald McKinnon met President Dr Mohamed Waheed in Male’ yesterday as part of a “courtesy call” to discuss issues including efforts to ensure free and fair elections later this year.

The meeting was held the same day that the president also met with Ambassador of the United States accredited to the Maldives Michele J Sison to discuss political and economic stability, as well as the importance of having international election observers in the country.

According to the President’s Office website, during yesterday’s meeting with McKinnon, Dr Waheed also spoke of the need for “political reform” in the Maldives. The Commonwealth meanwhile said it would look to extend its support to the Maldives’ electoral process.


2 thoughts on “President meets Commonwealth special envoy, US ambassador in Male’ yesterday”

  1. Sir Don's visits to the Maldives is no longer about CONI but about free and fair elections, and it is heartening to see his continued engagement on the Maldives. These visits are a reminder that Mr Waheed does not have any wiggle room to escape from the verdict of the people, to be delivered at the ballot box, in a free and fair elections. They are also a reminder that the world is watching every move of the bargis!

  2. The Real Bargis are peole like Shaheed and Nasheed.

    Yes we need political reform ? We need down size parliament and need to down size the councilors .We need to reduce number of political jobs?

    If we all have the courage to to change those issues, then we will be able to have a better political environment and better standard of living in this small country .


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